Expanding WAV Reliability in Portland

Since we relaunched in April, Uber has been proud to become a member of the Portland community– serving over 80,000 Portland area riders. As part of our commitment to making sure all Portlanders have access to safe, reliable rides, Uber is expanding Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) reliability.

Connecting Portland’s Neighborhoods

After just two months, Uber is connecting Portland’s neighborhoods like never before. In fact, after only a short time in Portland, more than 1,500 Portland residents have partnered with Uber to provide over 100,000 safe, reliable rides to their neighbors. During this time, we have found that most popular destinations are in the core neighborhood of Portland.

Uber and Portland Metro’s Public Transportation Working Together

From Beaverton to Tigard to Hillsboro to Gresham, people have been relying on Uber to connect them to safe, affordable, and reliable rides since late last year. At Uber we are especially proud of our emerging role as a complementary service to existing public transportation. Here in Portland, we are helping make the Portland Metro Area more accessible to residents, commuters, and tourists.

Uber Safety in Oregon

As we build a home here in the great state of Oregon, we want you to know exactly what you should expect from us when it comes to safety. Our goal is to always move Oregonians around in the safest and most reliable manner.

Connecting Communities in Oregon

Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Willey of Hillsboro, Mayor Doyle of Beaverton, Mayor Cook of Tigard, and Mayor Bemis of Gresham, coupled with the great reception we’ve received from residents, Uber is connecting the Oregon Metro area in a meaningful way.

Portland’s very-own Unipiper is Rider Zero!

The city of Portland is known to do things a little differently. True to form, the very first Uber rider in Portland is someone who embodies all of the city’s quirks.

Hey Portland, we are just across the river… #WeWantUberPDX

Last updated: 7 Dec 2015 Today we are bringing you Ice Cream, but what’s next?  Uber has officially launched in Vancouver, WA, so why can’t you tap that App in Portland? Regulations are still in place that prevent Uber from operating in Portland; it’s now the largest city in the US where Uber is not […]