Uber + TriMet: Moving Portland Together

Exciting new trip data from August shows that Portland metro area residents are increasingly using Uber to complete the first and last miles of their public transportation commutes.

Announcing The Best Seat Outside Timbers Stadium

As we get closer to the playoffs, we’re excited to announce the best seat outside of the stadium with a unique in-app integration with the Portland Timbers during home games.

Expanding WAV Reliability in Portland

Since we relaunched in April, Uber has been proud to become a member of the Portland community– serving over 80,000 Portland area riders. As part of our commitment to making sure all Portlanders have access to safe, reliable rides, Uber is expanding Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) reliability.

BEST DAY EVER: Partner Picnic!

Last week, we hosted a picnic in one of our favorite parks on the East side, Laurelhurst Park, where over 150 driver-partners and their families joined us for some good ol’ fashioned fun (and competition). Some of the highlights included a 30-team water balloon toss and an intense hour of piñata featuring some of our partners’ all-star little ones.