UberPEDAL: From Two Wheels To Four

Whether you’re not able to ride because of a flat, a torrential downpour, or consuming one too many beers, Uber now has you covered. At the touch of a button and a $5 surcharge, you can request an uberX equipped with a Saris bike rack (fits up to two bicycles), and in minutes your car will arrive, ready to take you and your bike where you need to go!

Ensuring Uber Is the Most Reliable Choice

We’re committed to ensuring riders have a safe, reliable and hassle-free way to move around the city. While we strive for this level of service to happen around the clock, sometimes we see such high demand that the number of available cars gets tight. Think back to those times waiting on Burnside after a Timbers […]

Uber Pick Up at Portland International Airport

Roll out the #PDXcarpet. You can now officially get a ride to and from the Portland International Airport. Traveling can be a stressful experience, but getting to and from the airport shouldn’t have to be.