We are back and it feels like home!

Portland: We are back and it feels like home. That’s right: Starting Friday, April 24th at 2 PM, safe, reliable rides will once again be available to Rose City residents. Portland is the only placeĀ in the country where community members have come together to craft recommendations to regulate and welcome ridesharing. It was because of […]

Portraits of Possibility in Portland

Ridesharing is more than a neighbor picking up a neighbor. Beneath that friendly exchange can lie anything from a newfound connection to a city to a new way to support that crazy business idea because hey, you just had to try it. By finally welcoming ridesharing inside the Rose City, Portland welcomes opportunity for tens […]

Enhancing The Way PDX Moves By Sharing The Road

We are thrilled to be part of the fabric of the Portland Metro community. In the past five months, we have been proud to add to the transportation ecosystem by connecting the suburbs like never before, complementing commutes by working hand in hand with the public transportation system, and partnering with MADD to help make […]