Become a Sydney uberTAXI partner in minutes!

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Thanks again for your interest in becoming an uberTAXI Partner! There are just a couple of steps you need to do before you can start driving using the Uber system.


1. Create your Uber Partner account

This video demonstrates how the Uber system works, how to manage your Uber account details and some tips on providing a “five star experience”.


3. Provide your documents

We store the driver’s licence and authority card for every taxi driver who uses the Uber system. To find out exactly what is required and to provide these documents, please log into

1. Enter in your username and password. Your username is likely your email address, and the password is what you signed up with. Forgot your password? Reset it at


2. Select Documents from the side-bar




3. Upload each document that has a status of Not Submitted:



4. Provide your bank details

It’s important that we have stored your correct bank details, so please update your details by logging into and selecting the Banking tab:

Uber Partners and Drivers


5. Tell us you’re ready to go!

That’s it, you’re ready to drive! Questions? Visit

You download the Uber Partner app onto your own phone, and you will receive a download link for the app once you are successfully activated.