The best part of heading back to school this semester? It’s not the new schedule of classes, the reunion with old friends, or the parties. It’s the fact that college students across the country have the chance to win free Uber rides for the entire semester.

Let’s face it: saving — especially for the long term — is tough. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or a weekend splurge, too often the money we meant to stash away for tomorrow tends to find its way out the door today. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Betterment to offer flexible retirement accounts to Uber driver partners. Learn how to make the most with every mile…

I’m excited to announce that Uber has acquired Otto, a 90-plus person technology startup whose mission is to rethink transportation, starting with self-driving trucks. Anthony Levandowski, Otto’s co-founder, will now lead our combined self-driving efforts reporting directly to me—across personal transportation, delivery and trucking—in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Pittsburgh. If that sounds like a […]

Where to Fall in Love Over Cocktails in Seattle

If your love life were a cocktail, you would want it stirred, not shaken, right? Kiss good-bye to nosy bar-neighbors and say “see ya” to sullen servers; Seattle’s craft cocktail bars provide the perfect setting to start swooning. Low lights, a sexy samba on the stereo, and, most importantly, an expertly-made drink sets the mood […]

Family-friendly Dining in Boston

Sometimes you need to get your fix of crave-able dishes like Uni‘s Banana Blossom Salad. But if you’re a Boston-area parent, you know that your child’s passion for adventure might not extend to the Banana Blossom’s bold combination of fermented chile, pig head, and peanuts. That doesn’t have to mean eating out only at Chuck […]

Toronto Music Off the Beaten Path

A listening room where top folk and world musicians play, a venue that reminds of a saloon from the old west, a music center that features classical music alongside world music and events for kids, and a garden inspired by the music of Bach: These are a taste of Toronto’s off-the-beaten-path music scene. The Dakota […]

5 Farm-to-Table Hot Spots in Seattle

Known as the “Emerald City” for its bounty of outdoor green space, Seattle is also known for its “green” dining options. Farm-to-table restaurants make an extra effort to source their ingredients locally, while catering to an increasingly health-focused clientele. When stepping out on the town, get an Uber to one of these five places to […]

Boston Doughnut Roundup

Boston’s doughnut scene is getting fiercely, and deliciously, competitive. And that competition is pretty stiff given that this city is the epicenter of the Dunkin revolution. The first Dunkin’ Donuts opened in 1950 in Quincy, MA, just outside of Boston—and Bostonians are loyal to their own. But these delicious rivals, both new and familiar, can […]

The Most Instagram-Worthy Views of Philadelphia

From high atop City Hall, the statue of William Penn gazes northeast across the city he founded. Until the construction of the One Liberty Place skyscraper in 1987, old Billy Penn’s hat was the highest point of the city since its installation just over a century before. Many tourists still begin and end their quest […]

Dine with Dallas’ Celebrity Chefs

Texans are proud foodies and we’ve got the A-list chefs to prove it. If you are looking for a first class meal, and hopefully on a big budget, you won’t regret trying any of these internationally known restaurants. Fresh, artistic, and highly creative, these North Texas chefs are winning awards and our hearts. Dean Fearing […]

Family-friendly Destination-Hopping in Los Angeles—Made Easy

With so much for a family to experience in the sprawling, hilly metropolis of Los Angeles, it can be difficult to fit it all in without exhausting your little troopers. After 15 minutes of piggybacking toddlers while big kids run zigzags, a trip on the Metro feels like a trip to the gym. Uber makes […]

5 Hot Spots for Jazz in NYC

In the mood for some brass and woodwinds? You’re in luck: New York is a jazz mecca, and you can find a spot to listen to great live bands every night. Here are five of the hottest places to hear them. Birdland Address: 315 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036 Cover charge: $20-50 plus […]

Washington DC: Top 10 Drop-Off Spots in Georgetown

Ridiculously good cupcakes? Check. Famous movie spots? Yes. Fine dining and trendy shopping? You know it. Historic Georgetown is a culturally rich segment of Washington, D.C., but in a city that’s known for a superior metro system, this section of town is seriously lacking because it doesn’t have a metro stop. Parking can be a […]