The best part of heading back to school this semester? It’s not the new schedule of classes, the reunion with old friends, or the parties. It’s the fact that college students across the country have the chance to win free Uber rides for the entire semester.

Let’s face it: saving — especially for the long term — is tough. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or a weekend splurge, too often the money we meant to stash away for tomorrow tends to find its way out the door today. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Betterment to offer flexible retirement accounts to Uber driver partners. Learn how to make the most with every mile…

I’m excited to announce that Uber has acquired Otto, a 90-plus person technology startup whose mission is to rethink transportation, starting with self-driving trucks. Anthony Levandowski, Otto’s co-founder, will now lead our combined self-driving efforts reporting directly to me—across personal transportation, delivery and trucking—in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Pittsburgh. If that sounds like a […]

The Driver’s Guide to Traffic in a New York Minute

Jerry Seinfeld once said about rush hour traffic: “There is no ‘other way’ in New York. Everybody goes every way all the time.” This is often true, and at certain times, there are plenty of people trying to go every way on certain roads, bridges, and tunnels. But that doesn’t mean Uber partners need to […]

Instant Pay: Your money, when you want it

Today we are expanding our Instant Pay option, so you can push a button and get paid whenever you want to nearly any Mastercard, Visa or Discover U.S. debit card associated with traditional checking and savings accounts. Learn more now.

5 Beaches in Close Proximity to NYC

One of the pleasures of living in New York City is its proximity to the water. Seagulls crow over Red Hook, sailboats glide through the harbor, and an ocean breeze wafts up the Hudson River. Yet little of New York’s 578 miles of coastline makes a pleasant destination for a beach day, so it’s worth […]

Find Your Caribbean Vibe in Dallas/Fort Worth

North Texas is painfully far from the turquoise blue waves of the Caribbean Sea, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch the vibe within the metroplex. If Jerk Chicken and Red Stripe beers are calling your name, check out these local restaurants that serve up Caribbean fare and a few even offer some live […]

Fresh, All-American Meals Delivered by UberEATS Chicago

Aged cheddar-topped burgers, fresh-baked pizza, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, and soft, buttery lobster rolls—these are the foods we need when the cravings strike swift and fierce. And when you want to quell the cravings fast, there’s UberEATS delivery at lightning speed. Chicagoans have access to dozens of the city’s top restaurants—many of which deliver the […]

Eat Your Way Around the World Via UberEATS Chicago

Sometimes the only way to break free from the daily grind is to just get out of the office—or better yet, leave the city entirely. But travel can mean valuable vacation time and money we can’t always blow on a whim, particularly when back-to-back projects and meetings are filling up your calendar. Fortunately, there’s a […]

5 Fun Things for Couples to Do in Toronto

If you’re looking for something fun to do as a couple in Toronto, you have plenty of options since the city is filled with interesting things to see and do. But it can be easy to end up at the same restaurants, bars, and coffee shops over and over—and no one wants to feel like […]

Honoring Gold Star Families

Gold Star Families—those whose loved ones have died while serving our country—are among the most honored members of the military community. As the Director of UberMILITARY, my job is to ensure we are doing our part to help our armed forces and veterans—and their families. That’s why we’ve partnered with groups like Blue Star Families, […]

Recommendations for Your Next NYC Workout Session

New York City is the ultimate hot spot for boutique studio fitness classes, but getting around town can be a challenge if you’re carrying a gym bag and a yoga mat. For your next workout, request an Uber to take you to some of the hottest places in the city to get your sweat on: […]