One Year. 58 Cities. Three Big Thank Yous.

One year ago today, we launched the UberEATS app in just one city: Toronto. If you had told us on that chilly Canada morning that a year later, UberEATS would be available around the world, we’d have said you were blowing brisket smoke.

Yet today, people in 58 cities and 16 countries are getting the food they love delivered through UberEATS–and we’re blown away. The partnership and support we’ve received from our new culinary community has made it all possible. And we want to take this time to say thank you–to our Restaurant Partners, Delivery Partners, and our customers. 

Thank you to our Restaurant Partners.

You open your doors, invite us to hop on the line, and help us understand your business and your customers.

Tarik of SF’s Bayshore Taqueria, Dan and Eric of Chilango in London, Alvin at Best Coast Burritos in Emeryville, CA, and Harsh of Pukka in Toronto, as well as dozens of other chefs and owners, sat down with us this year–over delicious nachos and noodles–to give us the lowdown on kitchen operations.

Tarik, Bayshore Taqueria

Alvin, Best Coast Burritos

Alvin, Best Coast Burritos

Dan and Eric, Chilango

Dan and Eric, Chilango

You come up with creative ways to share your love of food with the world.

  • On the first day that UberEATS came to Dallas, Meghan of Hospitality Sweet gave her community a surprise–a free signature cupcake with every order. Since then, she’s been sweetening up days–and giving back. This week, she’s offering holiday cookies on UberEATS to benefit the Salvation Army. Meghan’s business has grown immensely–she’s opened up a new location to serve North Dallas–and we couldn’t be more grateful for her partnership.  
Meghan, Hospitality Sweet

Meghan, Hospitality Sweet

  • Dave Pynt of Burnt Ends–a Singapore BBQ restaurant that’s been ranked one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants–created a pop-up lunch store through UberEATS– offering special banh mi burgers that sold out in a cool 40 minutes.
  • In San Francisco, Trung of Co Nam rejiggered his kitchen for delivery–doubling sales and paving the way for a second location. He’s always willing to bring us into the kitchen to see where and how the magic happens.

You connect with and empower your community.

  • Pass by Leo Lin’s kitchen in London and you’ll see quite the delivery squad. Now operating three restaurants from the delivery-only kitchen, Leo has created a community of UberEATS Delivery Partners–who are as ready to deliver his food as they are a good joke.
  • Delivery Partners in Abbotsford, Australia receive so many delivery requests for On it Burger that they started popping in to see what all the fuss was about. Owner Alan Chuy says that many, “…decide to come in after picking up quite a few orders just to see why everyone is ordering from here. Now they love it and they eat here all the time.”
  • Every weekend, Khanh Nguyen fields a slew of late-night orders from his Dallas pizza spot, Za*lat. To show his appreciation for the Delivery Partners making the after-hours logistics possible, he “pies it forward” giving them a free pizza for every 15 they deliver.
Alan and Henry, On it Burger

Alan and Henry, On it Burger

You’re always game for an experiment. You’ve tinkered with everything from prep times to pickup spots and you’re willing to go out on a limb to test a new menu item.

  • Eric Greenspan offered a custom hot dog from Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese for LA Dodgers opening day–and when search data pointed to high demand for shawarma in Seattle, Peter of Roxy’s Diner rolled his sleeves up and put it on his menu. He had never offered shawarma before.

Thank you to our Delivery Partners.

You’re open to a whole new way of earning with Uber.

  • Miki from Tokyo is a mother of three and makes deliveries in between dropping the kids off at school. She manages her own schedule and adjusts every day based on what her kids need. When someone gets sick–no problem. She makes sure she’s always there to take good care.
  • Alfonso from Phoenix is an Uber Partner who decided to add deliveries to the mix to maximize earning potential–while maximizing study time. He’s working on his master’s degree. His next stop? A PhD.
  • Keisuke from Tokyo is a full time musician who makes UberEATS deliveries to support his passion. He delivers orders in between gigs and practices–sometimes musical inspiration even strikes when he’s en route.

You help us improve delivery tools and make delivery more accessible.


Symone and her tag-alongs, San Francisco

  • Symone graciously let us tag along in her car while she made deliveries in San Francisco. She fielded our questions about everything from driving directions to doorbells–giving us input that will help us make our tools easier for everyone.
  • Yoshi jumped onboard as soon as UberEATS launched in Tokyo–purchasing a scooter so he could navigate the city’s busy streets. His insight into scooter navigation and safety is making UberEATS more accessible for anyone who has two wheels instead of four.
  • In the early days of UberEATS, Robert Yee went above and beyond–showing new Delivery Partners the ropes, helping the team in San Francisco organize food deliveries, and even directing traffic.

Finally, thank you to each and every person who’s made UberEATS a part of every day. 

  • You’ve included us in business lunches, Sunday brunch, and a Netflix and chill night or two.
  • You’ve ordered food to the park instead of braving a restaurant–no inside voices necessary.
  • You’ve even brought UberEATS into some of the most important days of your life. Ashley ordered to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. after her wedding ceremony, “Gyros & Po Boys with a view of the monument from the banks of the Potomac during Cherry Blossom season…what more could you ask for??? It was perfect.”
    Eats Picnic and Wedding
    You’ve sent each other pick-me-ups from across the pond:

Order from across the pondAnd finally, you’ve ordered delivery to commemorate the most important delivery of all: 

Important Delivery

It’s been a year filled with delicious food, amazing people, and ever-growing relationships. We appreciate each and every one of you for your support.

On to 2017!

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