Deepening Our Roots All Across the Bay

Oakland Office

We are growing. Yes. Some more!

Here are the latest numbers:

As we continue to build our teams across the hundreds of cities where we operate, the Bay Area remains our home. That is why we are thrilled to announce and celebrate that we are deepening our roots here and expanding our headquarters across the Bay to Oakland.

“We’re proud that Uber was attracted to Oakland’s creative energy, incredible talent, progressive values, prime location and accessibility to the entire region. I am excited to welcome over 2,000 Uber employees and the economic impact they will bring to our community. I also look forward helping Uber make other meaningful contributions to Oakland that will make this a more equitable, vibrant city where everyone can thrive.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

The people who come to work at Uber are passionate about supporting their cities and delivering the best quality services for both drivers and riders. All these individuals are investing in making their cities smarter, safer, and more livable. As we grow the core teams and departments that support our operations globally, we also want to invest in the communities our HQ employees call home.

“We are thrilled that Uber has chosen to partner with Lane Partners on the purchase of Uptown Station. Their commitment to Oakland will continue to support the revitalization of one of the most evolving cities in the Bay Area.”

Scott L. Smithers, Managing Principal, Lane Partners

As an expansion of our headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, we are investing in the revitalization of Oakland as we build out part of our HQ in downtown’s historic Uptown Station.

“The earthquake in 1989 left a lasting impact on this part of Broadway and Telegraph by reducing the building to a shell of its former self. As someone who grew up in Oakland shopping with my mother at the old Emporium Capwells that used to occupy this building, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally see it revived this way. Between Uber’s investment in Uptown Station and our residential project across the street, this single block in Oakland alone is going to see over half a billion in investment for the continued revival of historic downtown Oakland.”

Seth Hamalian, Oakland Business Leader- District Development, LLC

Thanks to community partners like Lane Partners and the strong leadership of Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaff’s, we are looking forward to adding thousands more employees right here in Oakland, helping to support even more investment in the city, and deepening our partnership with this community.

“This is just the beginning of Oakland’s relationship with Uber. Part one is Uber moving into Oakland. Part two is Uber letting Oakland—our people and our values, customs and traditions—into Uber.”

Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney

Renee Atwood is the Global Head of People and Places at Uber.