Melbourne Vehicle Inspections

Please note this only applies to Uber Partners in Victoria, Australia



Uber is pleased to announce that they have engaged Auto Inspect to conduct vehicle inspection checks on Uber Partner vehicles. Auto Inspect is a mobile vehicle inspection service that will come to you and inspect your vehicle. This annual inspection, along with the HC accreditation, is part of Ubers commitment to being a safe, reliable and affordable transportation choice. Uber will be paying for this inspection in year 1.

Inspections will be conducted on all vehicles over the coming months and we ask that you work with Auto Inspect to complete these as quickly as possible. Partners who do not have a completed check 28 days after they have been advised that they need to complete one risk losing access to the Uber platform.

How does it work?

You will receive an SMS from Uber indicating that your car is due for inspection: “To ensure the safety of our Uber partners and riders, we perform regular vehicle checks. Your car has been chosen – you will be contacted by Auto Inspect soon.”

Auto Inspect will contact you via email to determine your preferred location and time for inspection.

Once the inspector has examined the vehicle, they will let you know if it passed or failed. If it’s a pass, there is nothing more required from you


What if I fail?

Should a vehicle fail an inspection, Auto Inspect will let the Partner know on the spot (verbally) and then send a report through with listing what needs to be addressed. The vehicle will be deactivated until these problems have been rectified and the car has been signed off by Auto Inspect.



Auto Inspect can be contacted at:

Questions? Contact us via


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