Why Riding POOL Should be the New Fashion Week Trend

As Fashion Week comes to a close, we encourage those jumping between events to try POOL.

What Does a Typical New York uberX Partner Earn in a Week?

Drivers are using their time more efficiently and earning substantially more per hour than in previous years. But how much does a typical uberX driver earn over the course of a week?

Three Septembers of uberX in New York City

It’s rare that we get the time to take a look backwards here at Uber NYC, but sometimes there’s a story hiding in our data that’s worth spending the time to share. September 2014 marks our third September since the launch of uberX in New York. With three years of data, we’re able to highlight the ‘big picture’ trends that are shaping the way uberX works for both riders and drivers. Read on to see what we’ve discovered.

Meet Andrew: Senior Operations & Logistics Manager

Have you ever thought about the ways and reasons people move around a city? Andrew is a data-obsessed master of understanding how and why we use Uber to get around NYC (have you read his blog post about Brooklyn?). With his help, we’re able to ensure there are cars where you want them, when you need them, and improve the way New Yorkers move around the city. Read on for more about Andrew!

#UberData: Brooklyn

Brooklyn, how do you love uberX? Let us count the ways… Using Uber data to show how and why Brooklyn loves uberX.

That’s one dense apple! Taxi e-hails in New York City

The Science Team examines New York City’s e-hail request density and how Uber fills the cab shift-change gap in supply and demand.