meet uber nyc

Meet Tatiana: Operations Coordinator

Tatiana is a ball of energy, who is always ready to make people laugh. She loves problem solving, and does so daily while working with our partner drivers. Read on for more about Tatiana!

Meet Matt: Operations & Logistics Manager

Matt specializes in reaching out to potential driver partners about the economic impact and benefits of working on the Uber platform, and has helped our team make strides in building reliability outside of NYC. Matt may still be new to the city, but he’s already run the Brooklyn Half and explored more of NYC than some do in years. Read on for more about Matt!

Meet Nicole: Operations Coordinator

Nicole operates quickly and efficiently, and always with a smile. She’s constantly sharing jokes, videos, books, and infectious energy with the entire team, while also being an empathetic resource to our partners. Read on for more about Nicole!

Meet Holly: Operations Coordinator

Holly is a food-lover, much to the benefit of our entire team. She’s been leading the delicious lunch movement in our NYC office, while juggling daily support of new and existing partner drivers, plus office staff training and scheduling. Talk about keeping busy! Her serious work ethic and commitment to professionalism keep our operations running smoothly. Read on for more about Holly!

Meet Adam: Operations Research Analyst

We knew immediately that we loved Adam, so much in fact that we were willing to wait nearly 5 months for him to join our team. He’s working to reinvent our partner communications — you may have seen some billboards and buses around the city that are only a small fraction of what he’s been doing. Read on for more about Adam!

Meet Richard: Operations Coordinator

Richard was our very first Operations Coordinator and quickly helped us step up our to operational A-game. He’s always got a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude, while hard at work supporting both our driver partners and NYC team. Read on for more about Richard!

Meet Adam: Operations & Logistics Manager

Undeniably the most polite member of the NYC team, Adam has been hard at work making sure Uber is reliable no matter where or when you’re looking to find a car. He’s well-traveled, well-spoken, and although he’s the definition of professionalism in the office, we know he’s also a bit of a party animal. Read on for more about Adam!

Meet Raquel: Marketing Manager

Raquel is a free and fearless spirit. She’s known for her prowess in securing local partnerships and her tireless work ethic. She’s an explorer at heart – especially when food is involved. Read on for more about our little wing, Raquel!

Meet Mikaela: Marketing Manager

This laid-back Mainer is our lifestyle content queen. Wondering what to do this weekend? She’s got you covered. She’s got style, grace, and knows all the best spots to indulge in food, drink, and fun. Read on for more about Mikaela!

Meet Annie: Operations & Logistics Manager

Annie is a policy specialist for our driver partners. Saying she’s hard working would be an understatement, yet she still manages to roll in every day looking super stylish. Read on for more about this Harvard grad!