NYC St. Patrick’s Day Guide

Gather up your green—it’s time to get your Irish on. Over the next 2 weeks, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will paint the streets and bars of New York City green. While a bar crawl is great, why not embark on a jaunt through the city’s best pubs and parades.

The 5 boroughs boast some of the holiday’s best events with festive attire, beer, and Irish cheer. Take a look at our guide to events around the city along with some facts that double as conversation starters over a pint (or in your uberPOOL).



Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade

When: Saturday, March 5 at 12pm

Where: Forest Ave, West Brighton

Fun Fact: The term Erin go Bragh, means “Ireland forever”.  Now you know.

Queens County St. Patrick’s Day Parade

When: Saturday, March 5 at 1pm

Where: Rockaway Beach, Queens

Fun Fact: Breezy Point/Rockaway Point, Queens are America’s top Irish neighborhoods, with an Irish ancestry of over 50%.

MARCH 12–18

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Open Day

When: Sunday, March 13

Where: Irish Arts Center, Hell’s Kitchen

Why: Live Irish step dancing, bagpipes, and free classes to learn traditional Celtic arts

Boozy Irish Treats at Dominique Ansel Bakery

When: Thursday, March 10–Thursday, March 17 from 8am–7pm

Where: 89 Spring St, New York

Why: DAB is a favorite on our UberEATS team, and they’ll be serving up limited-edition treats like Guiness-and-Bass cream and four-leaf-clover macarons

Fun Fact: There’s no corn in corned beef and there’s no cola in Irish soda bread. And Irish nachos aren’t from Ireland (but that doesn’t mean we don’t think you should enjoy them on St. Paddy’s Day).

New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade

When: Thursday, March 17 at 11am

Where: 44th St up Fifth Ave to 79th St, New York

Fun Fact: NYC invented the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1762. And since then, it’s remained the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade—raise a pint to that.

Still have more Irish pride to show?


MARCH 20–21


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Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade

When: Saturday, March 20 at 12pm

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fun Fact: This parade is held after St. Patrick’s Day because it also commemorates the Irish-Americans who served in the Battle of Brooklyn (the first and largest battle in the Revolutionary War after the U.S. declared Independence).



Because, it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a pint (or two).


McSorely’s Old Ale House

When: Anytime you’re for a unique bar without the frills.

Where: 15 E 7th St, New York

Fun Fact: McSoreley’s is known as the oldest Irish tavern in the city. And, they’re famous for having the same 2 types of beer for centuries: “light” and “dark.”

An Béal Boch

When: Anytime you want a hearty Irish breakfast, live music, and enough space to break into your own jig.

Where: 445 W238th St, Bronx

Fun Fact:  It takes 119.5 seconds to pour a “perfect” Guinness.

The Dead Rabbit

When: Anytime you want a great cocktail—period.

Where: 30 Water Street, New York

Fun Fact: Whiskey was invented by Irish monks. And The Dead Rabbit has some of the world’s most renowned cocktails in the world—go see for yourself.

Donovan’s Pub

When: Anytime you want a friendly staff and authentic pub experience.

Where: 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens

Fun Fact: On an average day, 5.5 million pints of Guinness are consumed around the globe. On St. Patrick’s Day that number jumps to 13.3 million.

The Four-Faced Liar

When: Anytime you want to lose track of time with good friends.

Where: 165 West 4th St

Fun Fact: The Four-Faced Liar is named after a 4-sided clock that was built in Cork, Ireland that failed to tell the same time on all 4 sides.


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