Three Septembers of uberX in New York City

It’s rare that we get the time to take a look backwards here at Uber NYC, but sometimes there’s a story hiding in our data that’s worth spending the time to share. September 2014 marks our third September since the launch of uberX in New York. With three years of data, we’re able to highlight the ‘big picture’ trends that are shaping the way uberX works for both riders and drivers. Read on to see what we’ve discovered.

On the Road With… Shaprece

There are two days left of this year’s CMJ Music Marathon here in NYC. The five-day music festival highlights up-and-coming artists from all over the country, and today we’re catching up with one of them—Shaprece.

CMJ Music Marathon: Backstage with Eric Davidson

Today kicks off 2014’s CMJ Music Marathon. To help get you the inside scoop, we caught up with Eric Davidson, writer and editor for CMJ. Read up and get the 411 on this year’s Marathon.

Behind the Wheel With… Sani, NYC uberX partner

Today, we’re kicking off a new series where we go behind the scenes with Uber partner drivers and get a front seat view of their life behind the wheel. New York, meet Sani— uberX partner driver, Brooklyner, and father of four.

The Weekender

This weekend, we suggest you go out and take advantage of all the amazing arts and culture activities NYC has to offer.

On the Road With…Lee Schrager

It’s a busy time of year for Lee Schrager, founder of South Beach and New York Wine and Food Festivals. Today kicks off 2014’s NYWFF and so we thought it might be a fitting time to catch up with the man behind it all. Read on to learn more about Lee!

The Weekender:An Explorer’s Guide to NYC

Weekend ho! Columbus Day is on the horizon. And in the spirit of exploration and discovery, we’ve gathered voyages, tours, and sights to see over the long weekend. Go forth and and explore your city!

The Weekender:Eat This Now

Find out where to enjoy the best comfort food during sweater weather season.

VROOM! Comic Cars Whiz Through NYC

Go grab your cape, mask, and utility belt because it’s time to join the superheroes and sci-fi creatures at the New York Comic Con! This year we’re teaming up with New York Comic Con and Chevy to bring fans FREE RIDES in exclusive Uber Comic Cars. Find out how you can ride.