Make $5,000 per Month for the Rest of the Year

You may have noticed announcements of a $5,000 guarantee all around the city — on the backs of buses, on billboards, or on the radio. Until now, this guarantee was only for new partners in their first month with Uber. As of tomorrow, October 1, the guarantee will apply to every Uber partner in New York City.

Win the Ultimate Night Out

Find out how you can win drinks at Barchetta and two tickets to see NYC’s hottest show, Queen of the Night.

The Weekender

It’s event season in NYC. Beer, wine, art, and spice—this weekend’s got it all. Don’t be left out!

Lower uberX fares are here to stay

Summer may have come and gone, but lower uberX prices are here to stay.

…Off into the sunset

As a farewell tribute to the past few beautiful months of summer in NYC, we’ve collected 10 of our favorite New York sunsets captured via Instagram. Read on to see them all.

The Weekender: Oktoberfest Edition

September 20 marks the official kick-off of Oktoberfest 2014, and so this weekend it’s all about the beer. In preparation, we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite watering holes best for your Oktoberfest celebrations.

On the Road With…DJ Kitty Cash

Fashion publicist by day and DJ extraordinaire by night, Cachée Livingston, aka DJ Kitty Cash is one busy New Yorker. Hot off the heels of New York Fashion Week, this young fashionista somehow found the time to catch up with Uber NYC about what she’s been up to, what song she’d like to strut to in her own fashion show, and how Uber help her gets her where she needs to go—on time and in style.

Tour the Town with Jason Mraz

Find out how you can meet Jason Mraz!

The Weekender

It’s nearing mid-September, and you can feel that post-summer hustle and bustle coming back to life in the city. This weekend, don’t get sucked into your couch, but rather get out and enjoy what New York has to offer. Read on to find out what’s happening in NYC…

On the road with…Faith Xue, Editor at

This is a busy time of year for Faith Xue. As’s Senior Editor, it’s Faith’s job to know all of the latest trends when it comes to beauty and fashion. Visiting from LA, Faith is here making the NYFW rounds and is depending on Uber NYC to get her from the shows to the after-parties, and home again. Read on to learn more about Faith’s day-to-day and how she survives the Fashion Week mayhem.