What you need to know about our fare reduction

Our recent UberX fare reduction announcement (up to 40%) in Lagos, Nigeria, created some concern amongst driver-partners across Lagos, many of whom worried that this would mean there would be loss of earnings. These worries have been accompanied by some speculation regarding Uber. So we wanted to take this chance to clear up some facts! Drivers […]

Affordable rides with your delicious meals?

Whether you are having friends over, just too tired to put a meal together or enjoying some alone time and in need for a nice tasty meal, Shirley’s got you covered. And we bet you nothing is better than a nice meal at an exclusive discount just for you! Abuja, Uber and Shirleys have partnered […]

Lagos, we’re lowering fares by 40%!

We want to make sure that Uber is an affordable way to move around your city, so we’re dropping rates in Lagos by 40% from Thursday 4th May 2017. Therefore you can now request a high-quality ride for the same price as small chops!  Whether you’re running a quick errand, visiting friends or commuting to work, […]

Celebrate Earth Day by splitting your fare

This Earth Day, 22 April 2017, we encourage you to start making those small changes which will ultimately add up to making a difference to our planet. Did you know that you can reduce congestion, fuel consumption and carbon emissions simply by ditching your keys and sharing a ride with friends or family? One of […]

Driver-partners earn, learn and save

Driver-partners across Africa are extremely important to us, with their own financial well-being an ongoing priority! We all know the importance of money, the hard part is managing it properly! That’s why we have chosen to celebrate Global Money Week by extending our South African free money management course in partnership with Old Mutual to […]

Prioritising your safety

We are deeply concerned about safety and we are always looking at ways we can make Uber safer and more reliable for you. We’d like to remind you of the safety features Uber offers, please use these features to increase your security when requesting a ride and traveling with a driver-partner. VERIFY YOUR DRIVER AND […]

Support at the tap of a button

At Uber, we work day in and day out to provide a great experience for drivers and riders in cities all over the world. But, we know there will always be times when you need to get in contact: a purse left in a car, an incorrect fare, a bug in the app. And, when […]

One Year Of Moving Abuja: Suya For Everyone!

Suya, this quintessential experience is ingrained in every resident of Abuja. Before we were, Suya was! That’s why we have gone the extra mile to bring you something yummy to say Thank You! To celebrate our first anniversary in Abuja, we have partnered with Yahuza to deliver Suya to all our #UberAmazing riders for FREE! […]

Top Destinations Abuja – According to the Data

On March 23rd 2016, we introduced our ride sharing app in Abuja to help reduce congestion and  to help move the city smarter and in style! Since then, demand has increased with more people are relying on Uber more frequently. This has been an exciting growth for us! With so many trips happening every day, […]

Abuja, Do You Want To Win 100 Free Rides?

Already looking forward to the weekend? It’s time for you to save the week and be your Office Hero! Do you want to ride free for 1 whole month? All you have to do is refer your non-Ubering friends and family to take their first Uber ride with your personal invite code and we will double your free […]