New Partner Information: Support

Congratulations on completing your first trip!

It’s important you know what sort of support you can get if something goes wrong on trip and how to navigate your partner dashboard which holds all you document, trip and payment information.


Click below to watch a video on what to do if something goes wrong during or after a trip. Remember when you’re on trip your first priority should be taking the rider where they need to go – we can sort out any technical difficulties once they’ve left the car!


All active partners have a dashboard at  You can sign in using the same details you use for your Partner app (ie: your email as your username)

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.21.49 pm

You can use the menu on the left hand side of the dashboard to:

  • SUMMARY & TRIPS shows you recent trips and earnings for the week.  If you click on a trip, there is a map of the trip as well as the duration, distance, tolls (if applicable) and fare.
  • PROFILE is where you find your Partner Agreement and the Rates for your trips
  • VEHICLES Add a new vehicle to your account using the “Add Vehicles” button. If there is a number over the PROFILE or VEHICLES tab then there is a document missing. You can upload that in the tab by hitting the “Update” link.
  • PAYMENT STATEMENT gives you access to all of your payment statements.  These show the detail behind each payment made to you.  They are available on Monday afternoons.  The statements will be explained further in the next post.
  • BANKING is where you enter your bank details.  This is critical to make sure you get paid!
  • FAQs Has a great list of responses to Frequently Asked Questions of Partners.


We want to provide the best support possible to all of our partner drivers!

The best way to contact us is via email at We usually respond to your request in less than 24 hours.

We know that many of our partners want to talk in person. To do this, come to one of our Uber Partner Centres:

Hendra: Monday – Thursday 3-6pm.  Friday & Saturday 9am – noon

Sunnybank: Tuesday 3-6pm

Greenslopes: Wednesday 3-6pm

Gold Coast: Wednesday & Thursday 3-6pm

These session times can change.  For updated session times plus addresses, click here


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