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Did you know Uber Partners who set earnings goals earn on average 40% more than Partners who don’t?!

If making more money is your Goal, UberGOAL is here to help!

What is UberGOAL?

UberGOAL lets you set yourself a weekly earnings target. Once you choose your target, Uber will send you regular text messages to let you know how you’re going and keep you on track.

How does UberGOAL work?

1) Set your weekly Uber earnings goal by following this link

2) Each Wednesday and Friday, Uber will send you text messages to let you know how you’re doing with your target

3) You can modify your UberGOAL at any time by resubmitting your choices

I’m excited!  How do I start?

Set your weekly Uber earnings goal by following this link

After you sign up, you’ll receive an email with more details

Things to consider when setting a goal:

  • Be realistic: How much time can you be online each week?
  • Break it into chunks: Not easy to hit your target in one go, so plan out the week.
  • Make it personal: What will you do with your extra cash? Use it to motivate you to hit your target!

I’ve got some questions…

If I don’t hit my target, what happens?

You get to try again next week – we’ll give you tips to help you get there

How do I change my target?

Already smashing your target? You can resubmit the form to change your goal or complete a new form here here

If I complete the suggested hours or trips, but don’t make my goal, will Uber top me up?

No.  These suggested trips & hours are an indication of what is required to make that target.  They are there to guide you in setting your Uber GOAL.  They are not a guarantee

What if I don’t want to be a part of Uber GOAL any more?

Send us an email at or reply to a text message “NO GOAL”


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