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Now that you are familiar with the system, let’s look at how to maximise your fares.


As an Uber Partner, you can go online whenever and wherever you want.  However, some times are busier than others.  If you want to make more money on the Uber platform, aim to be online during the weekly peak times.

The graph below shows requests from Queensland Riders.  Here are the best times to be on the road:


  • 6am – 9am & 4pm – 7pm


  • All weekend is busy
  • Especially Friday & Saturday after 5pm



Below are maps of where Riders are requesting Ubers.  The more blue dots, the busier that area is!

Brisbane Popular Pickup locations

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.04.11 am


Gold Coast Popular Pickup locationsScreen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.12.50 am

If you haven’t received a request in a while, you are probably in a low demand area.  Move closer to the city (Brisbane) or the beach (Gold Coast) to increase the requests you receive.

** NOTE: if you haven’t received a request for a long time, it is possible you are have a problem with your phone or the app.  Try restarting your phone or logging out of the app to fix this.


Surge pricing is Uber’s way of managing Rider demand when it is busy. When there are more requests from Rides than available Uber Partners, prices may go up to encourage more Partners to come online.  We call this Surge.  Different areas may surge at different times and rates.  The surge price is determined by the Rider’s location, not your location.

If you pick up a Rider from a Surge area, you will receive a higher fare for that trip.  Click on this video for more information.


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