New Partner Information: Payments



Congratulations on completing 10 trips!

Now that you’ve picked up a few fares lets make sure that you’re all set up to get paid for your trips and have a look at how tolls and cancellations work.


If you haven’t already, head here to upload your account details so we can pay you. 


Uber processes payments on a Monday for the previous week’s trips and sends you a Payment Statement. It will generally be cleared by your bank and in your account by Friday. We try and process your payment as quickly as possible so sometimes it will arrive before Friday but this may not happen everyweek (because we are a global company things like public holidays in other countries affect us)Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.45.39 pm

You can also download your previous payment statements at under the menu item ‘Payment Statements’.


Uber automatically charges riders for tolls and reimburses the partner each week. The fare you see at the end of the trip is inclusive of tolls. We do not pay your Citylink/Eastlink bill directly – you will still need to do this. If you don’t have an Etag we suggest you get one – you can do so here. You can see the tolls you’ve been paid each week in your payment statement (see above).

Pro tip: If the in-app navigation is directing you to use a toll road, it’s best to make sure the rider is aware and happy to pay for it.


Unfortunately cancellations will happen. In order to make sure you’re compensated for your time we have a cancellation fee policy.

A $10 cancellation fee occurs when:
  1. The customer cancels 5 minutes after booking
  2. You cancel (using the rider no show option) 5 minutes after arriving at the pick up location (not from the time you accept the request).

Watch the video to find out more and have a read of the full  Uber cancellation policy for the details.


Incentives are payments made to Uber partners, over and above the fares you earn, when you meet certain criteria. Incentives are offered to encourage partners to use the Uber system when riders need them most, and when there are the most trips available.

You can read about the weekly incentives here. We update this in the middle of each week (Wednesday) for the following week (next Monday).


Each week, the Uber system automatically generates a Weekly summary for you which covers:

  • How to earn more with Uber – information on the busiest hours and how your hours compared.
  • What your riders said – your rating from the previous week, any 5 star customer comments and tips on how to improve based on specific customer feedback.
  • Your detailed statistics from last week – how your key stats compare to the previous week and top Uber Partners in your vehicle category.

You can find out more about the Weekly Summary here.


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