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Let’s get you making the big bucks!

Now that you are familiar with the system, let’s look at how to maximise your fares.


The beauty of the Uber system is that you can go online whenever you want, we have demand all the time. However, there are periods where demand is greater and this is when you will want to get online to maximise your earnings. The graph below shows requests from riders in Melbourne. You can see that trips start picking up at around 5:00am and are fairly constant from 9am onwards until the peaks starting at 4:00pm and running through until midnight. 



Below is a map of where the demand in Melbourne comes from. Have a look at the areas we have highlighted:

  • the yellow shading is what we call the ‘outer service zone’. There is demand out there but it is generally only at peak times and is not consistent. Look for this area to grow very soon.
  • the orange area is the ‘core service zone’.  You will hear us talking about this a lot. This is where you will want to position yourself to get trips.
  • The red areas are ‘hot spots’. At peak times we are generally always under-supplied in these areas (particularly in South Yarra). Head there for trips!



Surge pricing is Ubers way of managing rider demand when it is busy. When there are more requests for rides coming in than the available Uber partners can accept, prices may go up to encourage more partners to come online. We call this Surge. Different areas may surge at different times and rates. The surge price is determined by the riders request location, not the Uber partners location.

The benefit for you is that you get a multiplier on the normal fare. Click on this video for more information.


GPS is a tool, and sometimes it gets it wrong, we rely on your professional judgement to spot when something is not right and then fix it. Riders expect that you will be able to find locations like the Airport and the MCG or Flinders Street station without needing to follow the GPS.

For example, one of the biggest complaints about airport trips is about the route taken to get there. Sometimes the GPS will show you a route to the Airport that which loops behind the airport (the red line below). We notice this frequently with Apple Maps.


Riders routinely complain about the navigation choice and rate the driver 1-star, then ask for their money back. You should always check the route and confirm with the customer that this is the way that they want to travel before you hit “Navigate”. Doing this will reduce your 1-star rated trips by 25%.

UberX partners can drop off at the airport but cannot pick up from the airport. If you get a trip to the airport, drop the rider off at their departure terminal and head back towards the city (we suggest taking the Bell Street exit for your best chance to get a trip on your way back into town!).



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