New Partner Information: Quality



So it looks like you’re starting to get the hang of things!

At Uber, providing a safe, reliable and quality experience is our biggest priority. As part of your partnership with Uber it is important you are keeping this in mind for every single trip.


Safety is our number one priority. As such there are some actions that are unacceptable on the system. If any of the following occur you may lose access to the system.

  1. Inappropriate behaviour. Uber is a community of many cultures, races, and religions. Be mindful of the language you use, topics of conversation and your body language as peoples perceptions may be different to your own.
  2. Contacting a rider once a trip is complete. If you need to get in a touch with a rider once a trip is complete (ie. if they left an item in the car) please do not contact them directly. Instead send an email to your cities email address and we’ll get in touch for you.
  3. Accepting cash. Riders love Uber because of the ease of payment. If you have technically difficulties on a trip don’t worry, we can fix it up for you one the trips complete. Never compensate for technical issues by accepting cash.
  4. Drive on the wrong account. You go through a number of background checks in order to become an Uber partner. Please make sure you never drive on the someone else’s account or have someone else drive on your account.
  5. Drive on the wrong vehicle. You cannot drive any vehicle that is not listed in your account. If you’d like to add a second vehicle just send us in the documents and we’ll add it to your account.


At the end of each ride, the rider will rate you from 1 to 5 stars. Maintaining a high star rating is important to ensure your ongoing access to the Uber system. See the points and video below on how to maintain a high rating. 

  • Have water and mints in the car
  • Make sure your car is always clean and smelling fresh
  • Mount your phone
  • Always take the most efficient route, unless the rider wants to direct you
  • Be professional and friendly


The great thing about Uber is the flexibility of work – it’s completely up to you when, where, and for how long you go online. However when you’re online if you’re not accepting every trip request that comes through to you you’re making the Uber system unreliable for both riders and driver.

When online, you should be aiming for an acceptance rate of at least 90%.

If your acceptance rate is below average you may lose access to the Uber Partner app.


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