Move in style during the Le Mans 24h race with #UberCadillac for free!

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The Le Mans 24h race, probably the most famous race in the history of automotive is going to take place over the next weekend. From Friday June 13 to Sunday June 15, Uber users get an exclusive first look at brand new Cadillac vehicles, with FREE on-demand rides !

[h3 class=”” span=””]Ordering a ride in an #UberCadillac[/h3]



  • #UberCadillac will be available on Friday 13th from 4pm to 2am and non-stop from saturday 6am to sunday 4pm
  • Open your Uber app on your iPhone or Android and select the “Cadillac” option
  • Set your pick up location and tap “Request”
  • Your exclusive 2014 Cadillac will be on it’s way!
  • The best part- your ride is free! Your credit card will not be charged and no need to tip the driver
  • Duration limited to 30 minutes. Service area limited to 20 miles around the track (city of Le Mans included)

PLEASE NOTE : Availability will be limited. When you request your #UberCadillac, the vehicle type will be next to your driver’s picture. The 2014 Escalade’s can fit 6 passengers and the 2014 CTS’s up to 4 people.

UKSnap a shot of an #UberCadillac around the Le Mans track, and tweet or Instagram for a chance to win €50 in Uber credit!!


  • Tag @Uber_Paris & @Cadillac
  • Include hashtag #UberCadillac
  • Share a baller photo of an #UberCadillac around Le Mans

**The top 5 posts will receive €50 in credit**

Get out there and share your experiences on Twitter + Instagram with hashtag #UberCadillac to @Cadillac + @Uber_Paris


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– Uber Team