Introducing the Uber API

At Uber, our mission is to bring transportation as reliable as running water to everyone, everywhere: just tap a button, and your car arrives in minutes. While simple on the surface, the seamlessness of the Uber experience belies the enormous complexity that powers it. But now that we have this fundamental capability in place—a capability we like to think of as converting bits to atoms—in over 40 countries around the world, there are so many things we would love to build on top of it. We’ll never conceive of every great idea, though, and we could certainly never build them all.

Enter the Uber API.

Roulez avec fière allure !

Montrez nous vos couleurs !
La Fierté et Uber s associent pour mettre une touche de couleurs supplémentaires dans votre monde !

Ride With Pride

Wear your Rainbow colours!

Our wardrobe is shifting from bright to brighter as we gear up for Pride! We’re here to help you navigate the vibrant festivities and make this celebration a Pride to remember.

Serez-Vous En Blanc Le 14 Aout ?

Uber et le Diner en Blanc s’associent cette année pour vous convier au pique nique le plus couru de l’été le 14 Aout !

Dress in “Blanc” with Uber – Diner en Blanc 2014

Uber & Diner en Blanc are joining forces this year to bring you to the best of Montreal this Thursday August 14th!