Mobile Subscription Fee

Please note this only applies to Uber partners in Victoria, Australia

Please note: The below only applies to Uber partners who are using an Uber-provided iPhone. If you are using your own phone there will be no Mobile Subscription Fee.

Starting the week of 16th February Uber will begin assessing a $10-per-week service fee that will partially offset the fixed costs Uber incurs for each driver to use the platform, including the costs of the Uber-provided iPhone as well as the monthly data plan. You will see the first $10 deduction on your statement during the week starting 23rd February.

If you return your Uber-provided iPhone on or before February 20th you will not incur any subscription fees.

If you feel that you are not doing enough trips to cover the $10 fee, please return the device in working condition to Uber. You can always temporarily return the phone to avoid charges during vacations and receive the phone back upon your return as long as your account is in good standing.

To return your phone please drop in during open hours. Open hours for this week and next are:

Mon – Thur 3pm-6pm

Fri – Sat 10am-1pm

64 Gwynne St, Cremorne 3121

We recognise that the Mobile Subscription Fee is an additional cost to you, and we are working every day to grow demand and increase your business. Remember you have the option of downloading the Uber partner app onto your own compatible device. All the information on how to do that is here.

Questions? Issues? Shoot us through an email.