Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2016

The White House declared today Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2016 and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to say THANK YOU to military spouses across the country.  

As I always say, I enlisted in the military but my family was drafted.  All of our UberMILITARY driver-partners have served and sacrificed including those who have done so without wearing the uniform.  In fact, many members of the UberMILITARY community are military spouses who have discovered the flexibility, transferability, and opportunity that comes with being a driver-partner with Uber.

“Military spouses exhibit tremendous courage and unyielding faith, and in their spirit of resolve, we see the best of America.  Let us celebrate these selfless individuals by supporting them and upholding our everlasting commitment to stand beside them and their families.” White House Presidential Proclamation

In May 2015, we announced our UberMILITARY Families Coalition that focuses specifically on helping military families take advantage of the flexible earning power of driving with Uber.  Our goal was to reach as many members of the military community as possible and share with them the opportunity that driving on the Uber platform could provide.  Last month we were thrilled to announce that more than 50,000 servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses have signed-up to drive with Uber.

One special UberMILITARY driver-partner is Kia Hamel.  Kia is not only a veteran of the U.S. Navy (one of the first women to ever serve on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Nimitz) but also serves our nation as a military spouse.  With her husband deployed, Kia struggled to find a job with the flexible hours she needed to care for their two children. Moving every two years or so, as many military families do, she’d have to start her job search all over again facing the same struggles.

When Kia started driving for Uber two years ago, it was the type of work that fit the needs of her family. “I was initially drawn to Uber because of its transferability,” she says. “They operate in hundreds of cities so I could work anywhere.” Now she loves the freedom that Uber provides and wishes that Uber had been around earlier. “Things would’ve been a lot different and better for my family,” she says.

Thank you Kia!



If you’re interested in becoming a part of the UberMILITARY family, learn more about how to sign-up here.  

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