Driver-Partner Spotlight: Women’s History Month

sherese kids 2This month we honored Women’s History by celebrating with some of the many phenomenal women who drive with Uber in South Florida, and their families, at the YWCA of Miami-Dade.

One of the women who joined us is Sherese, a Jamaican immigrant and single mom to two children, aged 8 and 4. We are shining a spotlight on her inspiring story — about triumphing over adversity while raising her family – on our blog.

How did you get started driving with Uber?

I started driving in November. I am an immigrant from Jamaica and have faced many hurdles, including migrating to America, being the first female and first person in my family to graduate college in the States (Northwestern University), the loss of my mother, divorce, and being a single mom to my two beautiful children, Keane, 8, and Reine, 4. In the last few years I have had many jobs and my own business before I started driving, but no job or business has been more rewarding, enjoyable, or flexible than driving with Uber.

What does Uber mean to your family?

I don’t have a 9 to 5 life and I need work that can fit my schedule, not the other way around. That’s what Uber is to me: Flexible work that means I can pick my kids up from daycare in the afternoon. If I need to go to a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have to tell a boss, I can just do it. And if one of my kids needs me, I can stop driving and be there for them. In fact my daughter, Reine, even mentioned that when she grows up, she wants be a driver-partner. Why not? I know that she will get to meet extraordinary people from all over the planet, take them from point A to point B and get paid for doing so. 

What would you say to other women thinking about driving? 

I hope that my story inspires other women today to keep being strong and independent as the line of strong and independent women I come from, and to use Uber as a vehicle (pun intended!) for independent business ownership.

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