Driver Spotlight: Black History Month

Serge_Feb2016_SpotlightThis month, in honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating some of the extraordinary diversity in our community of driver-partners and riders in South Florida. On our blog we’re highlighting Serge, a driver-partner from North Miami who has driven for over 15 months (and completed almost 2,000 trips!).

You can’t get into Serge’s car without being offered a warm welcome and (of course) a bottle of water. But if you talk to him long enough, you’ll learn a little bit about his story and why he’s a proud driver-partner.

How did you get started driving with Uber?

As a young entrepreneur, I was looking for a job that can offer me flexibility with my time, since I’m going to school to get my MBA from the University of Florida. And the only company that can do that nowadays in this market is Uber. I also have my family – my wife and an eight-year-old son. Because I drive with Uber, I can set my own schedule, and I can spend more time with my son and share more responsibility with my wife.

What does Uber mean to your community?

There is no question that Uber drivers in Miami-Dade are helping to keep drunk drivers off the road. Before, when people wanted to go out to the club or to a party, they had to make sure they had a designated driver and sometimes people would get behind the wheel after drinking. Now, it’s not even a second thought: They can just open up their phones and know that we’ll be there with a safe ride. And in places with limited public transportation, like North Miami where I live, we are helping people who might not have another way of getting around.  

What is your favorite thing about driving with Uber?

I love driving because I really am my own boss and I’m an entrepreneur. I started driving months ago on UberX, and now I have a Mercedes Benz and a Yukon to drive on LUX and LUX SUV. I get to have the cars I want and make money driving them, and at the same time, when I need to, I can turn off the app, pick my son up from school and do homework with him. What’s not to like?


Watch our video featuring Serge:

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