Uber and Goodwill® Make Spring Cleaning Easy in South Florida

Spring has sprung, and it’s officially the time of year for cleaning out closets. In the spirit of the season, we are teaming up with our friends at Goodwill® to make donating clothing quick and convenient.

This Earth Day #DitchYourKeys

This Earth Day #DitchYourKeys and keep our planet green.

The Weekender

Now that Tax Day has come and gone, its time for some fun.

South Florida Data Update: More Affordable Rides, Higher Driver Earnings

Since our launch in Miami in June 2014, and then an expansion to Broward and Palm Beach Counties in August 2014, we’ve provided 10,000 driver-partners with an unprecedented way to make a living or earn some supplemental income on their own schedule. And all the while, we’ve connected South Florida riders with an increasingly affordable […]