Melbourne UberBLACK Partners: How to Virtually Onboard a Partner

Hi UberBLACK partners,

Please follow the below process to onboard a new driver. Please note they will NOT become active until you and they have completed all the required steps below.

 1. Add the new driver to your account

Log in to your dashboard and add the new driver to your account. Please make sure you fill in all the details correctly.

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2. Upload the new drivers documents

Upload the following documents to the drivers account:

  1. A clear and legible image of their drivers licence showing their name and expiry date
  2. A clear and legible image of their DC showing their name and DC number

You can ignore any other required documents (eg. driver details). Not sure how to upload documents? Check out this blog post.

3. Get the driver to watch the onboarding video

Please get your new driver to watch this video. Make sure they enter their email address into the pop up before watching the video as this will link the completeness and quiz result to their account.

We will be monitoring the quality of these drivers closely so please make sure they are up to speed on all things Uber. Please also make them aware of the issues that can cause them to temporarily lose access to the Uber system:

  • Acceptance rate. The beauty of the Uber system is that you can work whenever you want. The only thing we ask is that when you’re online you accept ALL jobs that come through. If you cannot accept a job, for whatever reason, then you should not be online. A low acceptance may lead to a temporarily suspended account.
  • Asking a customer for a destination. You will never receive a customers destination until you pick them up. Calling and asking them for their destination prior to arriving at their pick up location will lead to a temporarily suspended account.
  • Driving under the wrong account or car. Always make sure you are logged in on your account and have selected the right vehicle. Driving under another persons account or the incorrect vehicle will lead to a temporarily suspended account.
  • City knowledge. Please use a GPS is you are unsure of directions. If a customer has a preferred route please take them via that route, regardless of whether you know a better one or not. Poor city knowledge may lead to a temporarily suspended account.

If further training is required there are lots of videos available here.

4. Send us in an email when steps 1-3 are complete

Once we have received your email and verified the documents and video on their account we will change their status to active and notify you. They will then be right to log in to any one of your Uber phones!

If you have any issues shoot in an email to

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