Meet the Talent Behind UberEATS

We’ve met some of the most talented chefs and entrepreneurs in the world through UberEATS–and we’re inspired. These business women are starting and running their own restaurants, building brands that people adore, and shaking up their local food scenes. How are they turning their passion for food into something people are passionate about? We asked top restauranteurs from UberEATS cities to share a taste of their wisdom.

Asha Gomez, Spice To Table.ATL

Asha Gomez- Atlanta, GA

Asha is the Chef and Owner of Spice to Table in Atlanta, GA. Her culinary career took off after she founded the Spice Route Supper Club–a series of intimate at-home gatherings that caught the intention of Atlanta food lovers. She opened Cardamom Hill in 2012 and then Spice to Table to national and local acclaim in 2014.

“Years ago, I read something from philosopher Khalil Gibran, ‘Work is love made visible.’  I love that moment when you get in the zone and it ceases to feel like work. I would encourage young women around the world to take their passion and find a way to translate that into work.”

Sarah_Epicerie_Headshot.AustinjpgSarah Mcintosh- Austin, TX

Sarah is the Chef and Owner of épicerie Cafe & Grocery. She attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin and then landed in wine country for an externship at famed Bouchon Bakery in Napa. Once back in Austin, Sarah worked at several restaurants while sketching up ideas for a culinary venture of her own. In 2012, épicerie was born.

“Humility is a blessing. For me this translates to ‘create your greatest accomplishments through failures and disappointments.’ It’s important to see above negative situations and create something positive.”


Terry Wilson- Austin, TX

Terry is the Founder and Chef of Sala & Betty. She’s known for her refined and sophisticated approach to preparing wholesome food. Sala & Betty was born out of the need for ready-to-go food that is honest and heartfelt–fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable. It’s Austin’s “slow food fast.”

“Stay true to your heart in your style of cooking and make sure shortcuts don’t sacrifice quality!”



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Julie Vorce- Dallas, TX

Julie is the Pastry Chef at Pink Apron and Savor in Dallas. She earned her degree in pastry and baking at the California Culinary Academy and has flexed her pastry skills at Citizen Cake and The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. She’s known for her plated desserts, chocolate work, and intricate wedding cakes.

“You never want to compromise your integrity so work for a company whose values align with yours.”





Ris Lacoste- Washington D.C. 

Ris is the Chef and Owner of Ris in Washington, D.C. and has been delighting D.C. foodies for over a decade. She’s known for using high quality ingredients and new techniques to make food that is bold yet familiar–and always delicious.

“I truly feel that when you cook with love–with respect for the ingredients themselves, with the thought of someone enjoying the food, with your own love and connection to the food, with the passion in creating the dish–everything is transferred into the food and from the food to the customer. The person eating can feel healed, warmed, touched somehow.”


Leah-1Leah Cohen- New York City 

Leah is the Chef and Owner of  Pig & Khao. Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Leah’s been on a culinary rocket ship. After working for multiple celebrated chefs in New York city, Leah competed on BRAVO’s “Top Chef” and later became the executive chef of Centro Vinoteca. After a sabbatical in Southeast Asia, Leah returned home and brought the bold flavors of Asian street food with her–to open Pig & Khao.

“Taste every step of the way.”

Dianna Daoheung headshot_aliza_eliazarov-0063.NYC


Dianna Daoheung- New York City 

Dianna is the Head Baker at Black Seed Bagel. She spent four years working in advertising before attending the French Culinary Institute in Pastry Arts and pivoting to a career in food. She picked up pastry experience in New York and San Francisco and then became enamored with the science behind bread. She set out to “crack” the perfect Montreal bagel recipe in New York. And the rest is history.

“My father always told me to do what you are passionate about and never worry about the money. If you are putting your all into your passion–that will fulfill you more than money.”


Melissa Funk Weller Sadelle's New York (c) della chen photography 2015


Melissa Weller- New York City

Melissa is the Managing Partner and Head Baker at Sadelle’s. She left her job as a chemical engineer to attend the French Culinary Institute and turn her career towards bread and pastry. After working at multiple acclaimed bakeries, Melissa started selling hand-rolled bagels at the outdoor Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn. People couldn’t get enough. In the fall of 2013, Melissa created Sadelle’s with a focus on smoked fish, bagels and other yeasty New York staples.  

“Simply, believe in yourself.”


carriesolomon.Paris (1)


Carrie Solomon- Paris, France

Carrie is the Chef at  Coffee Club in Paris, France. A native of the American midwest, Carrie has lived in Paris for ten years. She’s a food photographer and writer as well as a chef–she published An American in Paris in 2014. The food she brings to her Parisian customers is inspired by recipes she learned from her mother and grandmother.

“Do what you are passionate about, but do it in the right way.”


Miss Banh-Mi.Paris


Hinda Tobni and Fafi- Paris, France

Hinda and Fafi are the Owners of  Miss Banh Mi in Paris. These two friends transformed their love for the marinated meats, crisp vegetables, and delicious bread of the traditional Vietnamese sandwich into Miss Banh Mi–a staple for the Parisian lunch crowd. 

“Surround yourself with good people”




Laurianne D’Hoir and Tak- Paris, France 

Laurianne D’Hoir and Tak are the Co-founders of Rice Trotters. Every day, the pair sets out to give customers a tour of the world through rice. Red rice from Camargue, short-grain and black rice from Italy, and pink rice from Madagascar–each is infused with savory or sweet flavors and served with love.

“Doing what you love is the key to success.”



Tai Ricci- San Francisco, CA

Tai runs front of the house operations at Stones Throw in San Francisco. She started as a waitress in Philly and quickly became what fans refer to as a “server extraordinaire.” She worked her way through the restaurant business and now, along with a loyal band of talented staff, runs the show. “You should never be surprised by good service. I want to host the best party every night.”



Mo Clancy- San Francisco, CA

Mo is the owner of Seed + Salt . She’s an experienced entrepreneur who has found success in marketing, fashion, and beauty. She surprised herself with her foray into food–starting Seed + Salt after struggling to find clean food that is also delicious.
“The best advice I ever got was when I had my son and I was worried about being a working mom and that I wasn’t going to be the traditional mom, and someone said, ‘just do you.’ That doesn’t apply to just being a mother it applies to a business and just being a human being in general.”




Amanda Michael- San Francisco, CA

Amanda is the owner of Jane in San Francisco and is known for combining healthy food, incredible coffee, and great ambiance. She spent years in the restaurant business before venturing out on her own. When her now famous space on San Francisco’s Fillmore St. came up for rent, she took the risk and has never looked back. 

“You can only live once, you’ve got to go for it.”



Chef Corinna Mozo.Tor 4

Corrina Mozo- Toronto, Canada

Corrina is the Chef and Owner of La Cubana in Toronto. S spent nearly twenty years as a dancer before attending the prestigious Stratford Chefs School and pursuing a career in food. She’s responsible for introducing Toronto diners to a whole new flavor of Cuban and French cuisine.

“I had the opportunity as a young chef to sit beside Julia Child at one of her many 80th birthday parties. We were able to chat a little during dinner. She told me that when cooking on the line, always look to your right and your left to see what other cooks are doing so you don’t only master your tasks but theirs as well!”


Los Col- Tor


Elia Herrara- Toronto, Canada

Elia is the Executive Chef at Los Colibris. She hails from Cordoba, Mexico and her recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. She draws her inspiration from her Mother and Grandmother and takes great pride in bringing authentic and fresh Mexican food and culture to downtown Toronto.

“Stand up for your beliefs and never stop looking at that point where you want to be.”




Lisa Labute- Toronto, Canada

Lisa is the Owner of The Goods. She spent 10 years in the advertising business before a switch to a plant-based diet ignited her passion for food. Lisa left her job, traveled to Indonesia, and became certified as a raw chef. From there, The Goods was born. She loves showing people how real food can positively impact health, the economy, environment and the overall health of the planet.

“I moved to Toronto when I was 21 from Tecumseh, Ontario and my mum gave me the lyrics to the Lee Ann Womack song I Hope You Dance in a card. But seriously, those are some words to live by, the song still makes me cry and want live my life for everything it’s worth.”


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