UberMAKAN – Celebrating our ‘Malaysian-ness’ this Merdeka

Whether it’s nasi lemak, char kuey teow or cendol, food has the power to bring Malaysians together, regardless of race, religion or background. And in conjunction with Merdeka this month, we’re connecting you with our favourite national pasttime.  

This Saturday, 22 August 2015, from 11am to 5pm, let us drive you to the hidden food gems of our city where you can enjoy authentic, soul-warming Malaysian favourites. With parking woes a recurring headache for most Malaysians, we want to allow foodies to travel to these places in a simpler, more convenient way – with their own private driver.

As part of this experience, riders will be presented with a variety of food options once they are picked up by their Uber – which would include, among others, curry laksa, banana leaf rice, char kuey teow, nasi dagang and cendol. Once you’ve made your choice, your Uber will take you to specially selected outlets specialising in these delicacies. 

Additionally, we’re also partnering with popular food bloggers to lend an interesting twist to this event. Under the special ‘MAKANBuffet’ option in the Uber app, riders will have the chance to be accompanied on their culinary adventure by these selected ‘Makan Guides’ – who will be happy to share with their love for Malaysian food.  

How To Request:

  1. Download the Uber app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Once signed in, slide to the  ‘MAKAN’ or ‘MAKANBuffet option and tap ‘Set Pickup Location’,
  3. If there is an available  vehicle in the vicinity, you’ll be picked up in minutes!
  4. Once picked up, your driver will provide you with a list of options and you’ll be driven to the outlet of your choice.


For the MAKAN option, riders will be charged RM15 to their Uber account – this will be for the entire experience of being driven to the outlet, as well as the return journey (excludes the price of the food).


For this option, riders can dine to their hearts’ content, while being accompanied by our Makan Guides – local bloggers and foodies who’ll be happy to share their passion and insights. Riders will only be charged a flat rate of RM58 – this charge will also be automatically charged to their Uber app, and there will be no cash payment involved.


Demand is expected to be very high, so don’t give up if MAKAN is not available immediately. Be part of the #UberMAKAN community – share your experience and be sure to tag #UberMAKAN on Twitter (@uber_my) and Instagram (@uber_my).


Terms & Conditions

  1. This campaign will be available on 22 August 2015, from 11am to 5pm.
  2. For the MAKAN option, riders will be charged the sum of RM15 (exclusive of tolls) – which shall include the fare for the ride from the pick up location to the food outlet, and back to the initial pick up location. The cost of the food shall be borne by the rider. Maximum of 4 riders per car.
  3. For the MAKANBuffet option, riders will be charged the sum of RM58 (exclusive of tolls), and this shall include the fare for the ride from the pick up location to the food outlet and back, as well as the cost of the food. For the buffet option, the riders may order up to RM150 worth of food (for the entire 2 hour period). The riders may not take-away any food from the outlet.  Maximum of 3 riders per car.
  4. Each ride is up to a maximum of 2 hours.
  5. Whilst the selected food outlets have been chosen on the basis of outstanding quality of food served, Uber bears no liability whatsoever with regards to the food and beverage items consumed during this event.
  6. Should you have any dietary restrictions (eg. vegetarian, gluten-free, halal), kindly check with the staff/management of the respective food outlets prior to placing your orders.
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