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Happy Holidays! It’s been a year of wonderful highs with so many amazing memories, and as the New Year approaches, we know that many of you will be heading out to your favourite night spots to celebrate the past year and usher in 2015.

From past experience, NYE will be a night of crazy demand, with lots of party-goers all across KL looking for safe and reliable rides. With all this demand, we expect Surge Pricing to kick into effect at some point during the night.


What is Surge Pricing?

Surge Pricing is our dynamic pricing mechanism that increases prices incrementally, in the event where demand for rides heavily outstrips the supply of cars. This helps ensure that those who really need rides are able to get one.


Wait – how does Surge Pricing result in me being able to get a ride during those high demand periods?

When there is Surge Pricing, this attracts more drivers to come onto the system, thereby increasing the number of available rides for Uber users. The higher prices make it more attractive for drivers to be online at those hours rather than taking the time off or renting their cars out.

At the same time, Surge Pricing means that only those who really want or need rides will request for them. Those who don’t absolutely need to ride at that particular time may choose to wait out the Surge Price, thereby freeing up rides for those who need (and are willing to pay for the convenience) to ride immediately.


So, does this mean that the prices will always be higher than normal during NYE?

Not at all! Surge Pricing is all about being dynamic and responding to market conditions. What this means is that when demand spikes drastically at a particular time, prices too will increase to correspond with the demand (consequently attracting more cars into the area).

Once the number of cars in the area increases or demand starts to taper off, the prices will start returning to normal rates.


How will I know when Surge Pricing is in effect?

When Surge Pricing is in effect, you will receive a notification in the Uber app on what the price increase is vs. normal rates before a request is made. Before you are able to request for a ride, you will need to confirm your acceptance of the price increase.

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It’s About Partying Safely

At the end of the day, Surge Pricing is all about ensuring optimum availability of safe and reliable rides during periods of incredible demand. We want you to be able to party it up, while at the same time be assured that a safe ride home is just around the corner. Driving on a night such as NYE is definitely not a smart decision, and we’ll work hard to make sure that we get you to and back from your party safely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at, or via our Facebook and Twitter channels.

Happy New Year, and Uber ON!
– Team Uber KL

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