uberASSIST: Greater Accessibility for Riders

At Uber, we strive to provide transport options to meet everyone’s needs – serving every part of every community, in every city. In London, those with disabilities and access needs can now take advantage of uberASSIST.

Prioritising Safety at Uber London

Safety has always been our number one priority. Read how Uber’s system keeps riders safe in London.

Uber London: fully compliant and standing by our partner-drivers

At the heart of Uber’s model is our commitment to providing choice and value for riders and economic opportunities for thousands of drivers, without whom our service would not be possible. Like all private hire operators, Uber is regulated by TfL and we have met their requirements at every stage. Following another round of scrutiny, Uber […]

Uber London puts the record straight on a driver insurance question

The last several weeks have been quite challenging for Uber London. Besides taxis bringing London to a standstill at great inconvenience to Londoners, the big incumbent taxi and private hire industries continue to put severe pressure on any and all officials and civil servants to shut down Uber. Their main difficulty in this endeavour is […]

Uber and consumer choice in London

There has been a lot of discussion of late about London’s transportation ecosystem – and the revolutionary way Uber is delivering more and better options to Londoners. With so much chatter about us, we thought it was about time to jump in and clarify a few things. After all, transparency is a top priority for […]

London #TubeStrike: The Stats

With the tubes out of action, thousands of you made the most of our #KeepLondonMoving promotion last week – grabbing friends, family, colleagues – and even the odd passerby – to share an Uber and beat crowds. There were 30x more Fare Split rides than usual – that’s tens of thousands of £s saved by […]