Introducing Momentum Rewards for our Partners

Uber partners in the UK will now be able to access benefits worth more than £900 every year as part of the Momentum rewards programme.

The Price Cut: 7 Days On

Drivers’ earnings have gone up.

Uber London: fully compliant and standing by our partner-drivers

At the heart of Uber’s model is our commitment to providing choice and value for riders and economic opportunities for thousands of drivers, without whom our service would not be possible. Like all private hire operators, Uber is regulated by TfL and we have met their requirements at every stage. Following another round of scrutiny, Uber […]

Uber London puts the record straight on a driver insurance question

The last several weeks have been quite challenging for Uber London. Besides taxis bringing London to a standstill at great inconvenience to Londoners, the big incumbent taxi and private hire industries continue to put severe pressure on any and all officials and civil servants to shut down Uber. Their main difficulty in this endeavour is […]

Vote for your favourite #FiveStarRide

This week we asked you to let us know your #FiveStarRide – that journey where you felt the person behind the wheel deserved a big shoutout – not just for being a great driver but also for being a great human being. We’ve been inundated with responses (you big softies!) and we did see some […]

Share your best Uber experience, win £200 credit!

Drivers are the lifeblood of Uber – the force that keeps London moving. We know that your driver makes a difference, whether that’s keeping the party going with some great music choices, getting you to the airport in the nick of time or just turning going your usual commute into the best 30 minutes of […]

Technology meets tradition: join the Uber platform as a London Cab driver

Black cabs are an integral part of modern London – as iconic as red buses, Big Ben and bobbies on the beat – and London’s cabbies are the finest in the world. In a city that’s been burned and blitzed over the years, The Knowledge gives them the edge on the road. But technology doesn’t […]

The mind behind the mirrors: Meet the drivers

Here at Uber London, our mission isn’t just to keep you moving around this city we call home – we’re also dedicated to providing opportunities for fair and flexible work for the drivers who use our platform to get you from A to B. We love hearing your stories about those amazing drivers who’ve gone […]

The driving force behind Uber: fostering entrepreneurship in London

Demand for Uber is high and we’ve been growing fast and furious since we launched here in London in 2012. Two years on, this kind of rapid expansion means thousands more drivers are needed to meet the demand. So, in true Uber style, we’re exploring innovative ways to power car purchases, bringing new, independent partner-drivers […]