High Court rules that Uber’s app is not a taximeter

Great news! The High Court in London today decided that Uber’s app is… well … an app not a taximeter. This is a victory for common sense and it means we won’t have to make any unnecessary changes to the way Uber works today. People will still be able to push a button and book a ride—without being forced to do something like having to type in their destination every time.

Prioritising Safety at Uber London

Safety has always been our number one priority. Read how Uber’s system keeps riders safe in London.

Red Bull and Uber bring you #WINGSONDEMAND

Your typical day on campus summed up in one word. Extremelysuperbusy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could summon a cold can of Red Bull at the tap of a button to help give you the edge you need? On Friday, December 12, you can do just that.