Psst, London! There’s a cheaper way to ride arriving Friday

No, London – you’re not dreaming: your ride just got 25% cheaper.

Got questions about uberPOOL? We’ve got answers

uberPOOL is the smart new option that matches you with another Londoner heading the same way, letting you share the car, reduce the cost – and ensure only one car is making the journey rather than two. Whether or not your journey is matched, you’ll save 25% compared to similar uberX journeys.

What TfL’s proposed new regulations mean for the riders, drivers and the city we love

The majority of TfL’s proposals seem designed to slow us all down and stop Uber providing the service that riders and drivers love. We’d love you to take the time to give your views – and make sure we keep London moving.

How efficiency benefits riders and partners

At Uber, more partners = faster pick ups for riders = less time driving empty and more demand = more trips = more time with a rider in the car = more efficient use of partners’ time.