Beirut, It’s Janerik Season

To bring in the season, we are delivering fresh Janerik to you via the Uber app on Wednesday, May 17th.

Celebrating Moms

Whether you’re going out for dinner or stopping by with flowers for mom, celebrate the mothers in your life and enjoy a free Uber ride up to $3 on Tuesday, March 21st with promo code MD2017.

Give a ride, Get a ride

Every Uber rider has a personal invite code which can get them endless free rides. Send your invite code to friends and family, and earn free rides for yourself every time someone takes their first trip. It’s just that easy. How it works: – Head to the ‘Free Rides’ tab to find your personal invite […]

uberX fares now as low as $3.33

The price of an uberX trip starting today, is as low as $3.33—meaning that uberX could be even cheaper than paying to park in Downtown.

Upfront Fares: No Math and No Surprises

We’re rolling out upfront fares in Lebanon. Enter your destination and get the actual trip fare before you request a ride. No surprises or complicated math—you decide what’s best for you and your budget. How to request: Open your Uber app and enter your destination Select your preferred vehicle option–you’ll see the expected fare displayed […]

Ringing in 2017 in Beirut

Thank you to the hundreds of drivers who moved Beirut safely, and to the riders who let us be part of their evening.

Together, We’re Giving Back to Beirut

Click here for Arabic It’s that time of year when we want to give back but it’s hard to know how. With UberGIVING, we help you give back with the tap of a button and all your donations will go to families in Beirut through DAFA campaign. Because giving back should be as easy as […]

معاً نمدّ يد العطاء في بيروت

Click here for English في هذا الوقت من السنة، دائماً ما نبحث عن طرق نمدّ فيها يد العطاء للآخرين. مع حملة UberGIVING، نساعدك على التبرّع بنقرة واحدة وستُمنح تبرّعاتك إلى عائلات محتاجة إليها في بيروت من خلال حملة “دفى“. وبهذا أصبح العطاء بسهولة طلب سيارة من أوبر. تريد أن تُحرز فرقاً في بيروت؟ الأمر سهل، […]

UberTREES is coming to town

Request a fresh 2.25 meter tall Christmas tree at the tap of the Uber app.

Your Safe Ride Home is at Your Fingertips

50% off late night rides on weekends. Your safe ride home isn’t far after all – it’s at your fingertips.