uberPOOL and SMC: Sustainable Transportation Through Shared Rides

Uber and SMC are teaming up to get more people to share the ride. SMC will create a dedicated uberPOOL pick-up and drop-off zone on Pico and 18th Street, while encouraging students and faculty to share a ride to and from campus as a way to relieve stress, traffic congestion and the need for dedicated parking.

Make commuting easy for your employees: Uber for Commuting

Don’t worry about employee parking — we’re introducing Uber for Commuting. Commuting to work in Los Angeles costs your employees  gas, time, and energy. Customize your company’s very own Uber for Commuting package and forget about parking logistics. Complete our 2-minute form and we’ll reach out to you about the next steps. CUSTOMIZE YOUR UBER […]

It’s a Beautiful (Pool) Day in the Neighborhood

Since uberPOOL launched in August 2014, how are POOL people moving around San Francisco, New York City, Paris and Los Angeles? A look at the underlying Uber data shows hundreds of thousands of people taking millions of rides.