uberX Hourly Guarantees – August 2016

Demand is so high on uberX, we’re guaranteeing hourly gross fares throughout the day. There are 2 tiers of guarantees – to qualify for Tier 1, just collect RM500 or more in gross fares weekly.

Tier 1 – Guarantees up to RM2,361

Mon-Fri 6-10am: RM30/hr
Mon-Thurs 4-8pm: RM22/hr
Friday 11am-2pm & 4-8pm: RM25/hr
Sat & Sun 12pm – 9pm: RM25/hr
For all other hours, see below:

2016_08_04_1604 - Uber Hourly Guarentee Chart-01

Tier 2 – Guarantees up to RM2,229

Mon-Fri 6-10am: RM25/hr
Mon-Thurs 4-8pm: RM20/hr
Friday 11am-2pm, 4pm – 8pm: RM25/hr
Sat & Sun 12pm – 9pm: RM25/hr
For all other hours, see below:

2016_08_04_1604 - Uber Hourly Guarentee Chart-02

Terms and Conditions

1) Accepting all trips during these hours (maintaining a minimum of 90% trip acceptance rate for the week)

2) Meeting these Trips per Hour conditions:

Minimum Trips per Hour (TPH)

When does it apply?

At least 1.25 TPH

Monday – Friday 6am – 10am

Fri 11am – 2pm

Monday – Friday 4pm – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 12pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 9pm

At least 1.0 TPH

All other incentive blocks

TPH is calculated by the number of completed trips divided by your total online hours. For example, if you were online for the entire time between 4-8PM on Monday, and completed 6 trips, your total TPH for the period is 1.5.

3) Maintaining a weekly average driver rating of 4.3* and above.

4) Be online in our Core Service Areas. Please note at least 50% of trips during each incentive block must start within these Core Service Areas.

5) uberX and uberXL fares both count towards the RM 500 threshold to qualify for top tier guarantee

6) Effective 28th July 2016 at 12.00am – this overrules all prior incentive announcements

7) We reserve the right to take any necessary action in the event that we discover any suspicious or fraudulent activity

All incentive information, the way guarantees work and the calculations can be found here under the “Payments” tab. Information can be seen for all our options (uberX, uberXL or BLACK) and is kept up-to-date.

For emergencies, please reach our support number at 03-2725 3060. Please be mindful that this number is only for critical emergencies (accidents and safety incidents). Payment issues or other associated enquiries are still best resolved via help.uber.com or the PSC.

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