KLCC Xpress: The Quickest Way to Get Around Town!

Dear partners,   We’re pleased to announce the launch of KLCC Xpress, the quickest and cheapest way to get around Kuala Lumpur City Centre! Quick FAQs: Q. What are the details? A. Between 4PM – 8PM every Mon to Thursday, 11th Jan 2016 – 21st Jan 2016, all rides that both start and end around Kuala […]

Opening up Damansara Uptown to the rest of KL

Hipsterness has taken full flight in KL, and no area better showcases this than the neighbourhood of Damansara Uptown. A mishmash of artisan coffee hangouts, brunch cafes and (not-so) secret bars, this is an area that has gone from a sleepy residential area to a thriving hotspot. Yet, the cosiness and neighbourly feel of this area, which was one of […]