Our Commitment to Kenya; an Update on Pricing

As a technology company, our strength is that we can move and adapt quickly, based on what works best for each city. With six years experience, we have seen that pricing is all about achieving the right balance … ultimately, prices are designed to encourage more riders on the road, to help increase trips for drivers, but equally, you want to make sure the basic economics of drivers are sustainable.

We believe any decision should be data-driven, using statistically proven methods to determine pricing. That is why we consider local conditions together with a pricing model that is tried and tested in 450+ cities across the world.

We have always promised to closely monitor driver-partner’s economics; keeping cognisant of how inflation and fuel prices can affect drivers using our app. We continue to stand by that promise because Uber succeeds when our partners succeed.

That is why today at 11 AM, we are raising our prices in Kenya. We believe driver-partners will earn more as a result of these changes and that riders will continue to enjoy access to a safe, affordable and reliable service.

Uber works when both riders and driver-partners are benefiting. Riders need safe, reliable transport and drivers need to keep earning. We believe that riders and drivers should have transparency and certainty around prices so that they can make informed choices about when and how they use Uber.

Updated Kenya Fares:


NEW FARES KES 42 per KM KES 100 base fare KES 3 per min KES 300 minimum fare
OLD FARES KES 35 per KM KES 100 base fare KES 3 per min KES 200 minimum fare


NEW FARES KES 42 per KM KES 70 base fare KES 3 per min KES 200 minimum fare
OLD FARES KES 35 per KM KES 50 base fare KES 3 per min KES 150 minimum fare


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