Introducing #UberEverywhere

We know you’re a faithful Uberite and follow along with all the happenings in your Uber city, but how much do you really know about Uber? Did you know that our first city launched in May 2010? Or that Paris was our first international city? Can you guess how many cities we’re in?

Join us as we show you #UberEverywhere and take you on one giant Uber ride around the globe to 48 (and counting) cities in 19 different countries. We’ll give you the inside scoop on each city in the order of launch, starting with our home base, San Francisco on Monday October 14th!

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, get ready to learn about our Rider Zeros, each city team’s favorite spots and other Uber facts about your city. We’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter and you can follow along as each city adds to the story here.

We hope you enjoy the ride!


Your Uber Family