Uber is now with Upfront Fare

With upfront fares, you can simply enter your destination and get the actual trip fare before requesting a ride. This way, you’ll know your fare before you go; letting you decide what’s best for you and your budget.

What’s unique about the upfront fare on Uber platform, you can still make changes to your trip such as making multiple stops or changing destinations.  To allow such flexibility, there are 3 main instances where  upfront fare may not be honored and will be readjusted based on your new routes and destinations:

1. Pick up or destination mix up

If your pick up or destination point is different from what’s typed in, it’ll affect final fare. Check your pick up and destination point before you request your ride.

2. Destination change

Changing the destination or making multiple stops mid journey can affect your final fare. To make these changes during your trip, simply go to your Uber app and key in the new destination and confirm the change.

3. Detour

Fares are affected when travel time and distance is longer than what’s shown. Follow the navigation in the driver app.

To know more about Upfront Fare, you can read these Q&A below:

Q: What is upfront fare?

A: Upfront fare is the exact fare riders will pay for a ride before they request. The upfront fare accounts for all factors that typically affect a fare, including surge/dynamic pricing.

Q: Is the fare completely fixed, what if we have a promo code?

A: Generally the fare is fixed up front, however, there are some instances when the final fare could be lower than the fare given upfront (for example, if the user has a promo code applied) — or higher, such as if the rider changes the destination of the trip or have multiple stops.

Q: What if I change my destination, have multiple destinations or makes extra stops?

A: An upfront fare may not be honoured if you make significant changes to your trip route. In these cases, we’ll fallback to distance fare. You will be notified that fares will change when the destination is being changed.

Q: Will dynamic pricing be included in the upfront fare?

A: Yes. Dynamic pricing still exists for uberX, just as it does for uberPOOL and uberMOTOR, if there are more people requesting rides than drivers available to give them, fares will increase via dynamic pricing. The fare the rider is shown is guaranteed upfront — this will make it even easier for riders to compare the cost between a shared ride and a solo journey. With upfront fare you cannot book an uberX ride without approving the cost beforehand.

Keep in mind the fare may change if the rider changes their destination during the trip.

Q: Dynamic pricing icons no longer appear for upfront pricing product – why?

A: This new way of showing fare accounts for surge, but provides the rider with more precise information up front. Let us do the math because upfront fare is aimed at getting riders like yourself more information upfront, so you can choose the product that best meets your needs and budget.

There’s no complicated math and no surprises: just sit back and enjoy the ride!



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