Our partners work tirelessly to get you where you need to be, seamlessly and reliably. At Uber, they are the pulse that fuels our dream to evolve the way the world moves.

They too have aspirations and dreams. You may have heard some of their stories while on a ride with them, and we’d like to share a few more untold ones here. Keep watching this space.


Avatar Singh

“Partnering with Uber has changed my life. It has empowered me to become the strong and financially independent. I have been a driver for 20 years but never have I been this happy before. The flexible work hours help me perform better, earn more and  at the same time attain work life balance as well!”

Hometown: Firozpur, Punjab
How long have you been driving with Uber? 9 months
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? The best thing about Uber is the flexibility; I get to choose my work hours as per my convenience and enjoy a work life balance. For example: When my wife fell sick, I could take guilt free time off.
How Uber changed his life? Thanks to Uber’s timely payments, I have been able to clear my personal loan. My earnings have doubled and I have taken out an LIC policy for my wife. My dream is too see my son grow up to be an engineer and my daughter to be a teacher. I am confident that now I can provide enough to help them achieve this.
Memorable story? On one of my trips, the rider left his phone in the car. I immediately went back to his destination and saw him drinking tea at a stall. On waving the phone at him, he beamed and ran towards me. He hadn’t even realised that his phone was missing. The gratitude in his eyes and the smile on his face, made me proud of what I was doing.


Kolkata Uber shoot-0315

 At Uber, it is fun meeting awesome riders daily. I have also saved enough to treat myself to a grand wedding.”

Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal
How long have you been driving with Uber? 10 months
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? I admire Uber’s rating system, since it gives both, riders as well as drivers, the opportunity to rate the trip. There is equal importance given to both.
How Uber changed his life? Prior to Uber, I was struggling to make both ends meet. On partnering with Uber, my earnings have doubled and  my life has changed for the better, both personally and professionally. I am able to provide and care for my parents on a daily basis and have also taken out fixed deposits in their respective names and secured their future. I was able to fulfil their dream of owning a washing machine and fridge by buying it for them. Now I am financially and emotionally confident to start my own family.
Memorable stories? Once, I was on a trip to the airport and the rider was running really late. However we managed to get to there just in time. After few minutes, the rider called me back and thanked me for taking him safely to the airport and in such short time. It felt good seeing someone benefit from my work.


Kolkata Uber shoot-0322

“Uber has made me a happier man today. I am a landowner now and am able to provide sufficiently for my family. This feeling is incredible.”

Hometown: Sunderbans, West Bengal
How long have you been driving with Uber? 8 months
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? The best thing about Uber is that it is cashless! The constant worry of providing change to riders is eliminated. This makes the trips smooth and hassle-free.
How Uber changed his life? I received a new lease on life when I joined Uber. Debt ridden, I was struggling to pay off my personal loans. After partnering with Uber, I  settled all my liabilities and I am currently debt-free! I am a landowner now and have secured my future and that of my family.
Memorable stories? On one instance, a rider was on his way to his daughter’s wedding and he accidentally left the groom’s gifts in the car. By the time he realised and called me, I was already on another trip. Since this was a matter of urgency, I requested the current rider to allow me to take a detour and drop off the gifts, and he happily agreed. The rider was delighted and extremely grateful to see me return with the gifts.

They all have come to find that effort is justly rewarded on Uber’s flexible platform, and we are proud to consider them a part of our family.
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