Vizag! Many destinations, One Uber.

UberHIRE is a new kind of time-based Uber that’s available on-demand, to let you explore and travel around cities knowing that your Uber will wait for you. It’s perfect for travellers exploring our city of destiny, senior citizens who need to make trips punctuated with multiple stop overs, or for business travellers who have multiple meetings – while ensuring it is an economical option for everyone.

You can now have your Uber waiting for you, wherever you go at just ₹500 for 2 hours (for the first 30 kms) and Rs.12 per kilometre thereafter.

*Available from 4 AM to 8 PM only

Here is what the fare structure looks like:

  • Price would be INCLUSIVE of all taxes
  • Dynamic pricing is NOT APPLICABLE
  • Currently, UberHIRE is available only on cash. This does not apply to companies registered on Uber for Business with Centralized Billing.



Q: How do I pay for my UberHIRE ride?

A: UberHIRE works on cash payments. We don’t accept payTM, Credit/debit cards yet. An upfront fare of ₹500 will be collected before the ride begins. Companies registered on Uber for Business with Centralized Billing will be an exception and billing for such clients will not be through cash.

Q: Do I need to enter a destination?

A: No, you do not need to enter a destination. However, if you do, you can decide to update the destination later.

Q: Are the city limits different for UberHIRE?

A: The city limits remain the same as it is for uberGO and X in Vizag.

Q: How long can I keep my uberHIRE?

A: For as long as you want (upto a maximum of 12 hours)

Q: Is the fuel charge taken care of?

A:Yes. No Extra charge for Fuel

Q: Is it a 24/7 available product?

A: No, this will initially be a 4am-8pm product.

Q: How much does an UberHIRE cost?

A: UberHIRE will be available for a minimum price of ₹500 for 2 hours (for the first 30 kms) and Rs.12 per kilometre thereafter.

Q: How do I pay for tolls?

A: Toll charges are collected in cash, by paying your driver partner directly.

Q: Is there a cancellation charge ?

A: You can cancel your car within 10 minutes of booking (just like you can, in other views like uberGO and X). Post that Rs. 100 would be charged.

Q: Can I schedule uberHIRE?

A: Unfortunately, No.

Q: What type of cars can I expect?

A: Only the best sedans with top-rated driver partners

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