Uber 101 : Ride like a Pro

When it comes to ensuring a high-quality experience for both riders and drivers with Uber, we’re always shooting for the stars — 5, to be exact. We take your feedback seriously, and so do driver-partners. It helps correct for issues big and small, and maintain a high level of service that sets the Uber experience apart.

But a trip with Uber should be a good experience for everyone. To help you Uber it around Chennai like a pro, we wanted to answer some of the common questions from our riders.

What cars does Uber Chennai have on the system?

Uber’s goal is to get you a high quality ride as quickly as possible. To do that we need to work with a range of vehicles that are spacious and provide a great ride. The different kind of cars we have in Chennai include –

  • uberGO (Rs.6/km) includes cars such as Tata Indica, Toyota Etios Liva and Ford Figo
  • uberX (Rs.7/km) includes cars such as Toyota Etios, Mahindra Verito, and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire
  • uberXL (Rs.18/km), which can seat up to 6 people, includes cars such as Toyota Innova

As a rider, your request is sent to the nearest available car. All the drivers and cars on the system are licensed professionals, and start driving only after going through a stringent quality process. If you ever feel that a specific vehicle is subpar quality, please do let us know.

Could you share some sample fares?

Sample uberGO fares to/from Tidel Park:

Ashok Nagar ~111 ~ 139

Velachery ~ 74 ~ 89

Anna Nagar ~ 158 ~ 201

Sample uberGO fares to/from Perungudi:

Velachery ~ ₹67 ~ 80

Saidapet ~ ₹104 ~ 128

Vadapalani ~ ₹149 ~ 189

Chrompet ~ ₹147 ~ 179

Sample uberGO fares to/from Mylapore:

Central Railway Station ~ ₹91 ~ 112

Pondy Bazzar ~ ₹64 ~ 75

Airport ~ ₹ 247 ~ 287

Anna Nagar ~ ₹118 ~ 148

Velachery ~ ₹126 ~ 159

Sample uberGO fares to/from Velachery:

Central Railway Station ~ ₹169 ~ 233

Pondy Bazzar ~  ₹98 ~ 121

Domestic Airport ~  ₹194 ~216

Perungudi ~  ₹67 ~80

Mylapore ~  ₹126 ~159

Sample uberGO fares to/from Nungambakkam:

Taramani ~  ₹121 ~ 152

Besant Nagar ~  ₹110 ~137

Airport ~  ₹253 ~ 294

Alwarpet ~  ₹63 ~ 74

Sample uberGO fares to/from Anna Nagar:

Marina Beach ~  ₹126 ~158

T.Nagar ~  ₹101 ~ 125

Adyar ~ ₹158 ~ 202

Central ~₹103 ~128


What is the fare to and from the airport?

The fare to the airport from most parts of the city is approximately ₹250 – ₹300. This includes an automated service charge of ₹ 100 (for pickup as well as drop) to account for cess, service and miscellaneous parking fees. As usual Uber riders are neither required nor expected to give any cash to the drivers. This convenience fee is levied to all rides to and from the airport.


Sample uberGO fares to/from airport (including convenience fee)

T-Nagar ~ 219 ~ 249

Anna Nagar ~ 258 ~ 301

Mylapore ~  247 ~ 287

Sholinganallur –  292 ~ 365


Where can Uber be used in the city?

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.56.57 PM

Uber can be used anywhere within Chennai city limits (including the airport). We currently do not service areas outside Chennai, especially places like Mahabalipuram, Sriperambudur and Pondicherry.


Rolling with a crew? You can split the fare with your friends without making things complicated.

How to split your fare once you’ve requested a ride:

  • Tap the lower menu where your driver’s information is displayed
  • Tap the “Split Fare” option
  • Invite the friends you’re riding with and tap “Send”.
  • Your Uber-savvy friends will receive a message and taken directly to the app to confirm.
  • Your friends without Uber will be asked to download the app, sign up, and confirm their share of the ride.


Our goal is to be a reliable ride on the road and sometimes dynamic pricing will automatically go into effect to encourage more drivers to get out on the road. As demand goes down and more cars free up, the rates will go back to normal.

Follow these tips to get around during times of peak demand:

Know when Uber demand is highest (like after concerts, when the bars close, and after a big game).
Always notified in advance. You’ll always be notified in advance and asked to confirm any increased rates, and you can always estimate your fare before requesting. Here’s a video that explains what dynamic pricing looks like in the app.
You ALWAYS have options. For those with flexible schedules, hold out for a ride and be notified when surge drops. Once dynamic pricing lowers, make your request. For those on a tight schedule, get a fare estimate on another vehicle option to see what best fits your budget. If one vehicle type has dynamic pricing in effect, simply select a different vehicle type.

Could you explain the new safety features which have been added?

Sure! Our commitment to safety means we’re always working to make riding with Uber a safe and dependable way to get around. As part of that commitment, we are always seeking to improve our safety technologies and processes.

Over the last few months, we launched a number of key safety initiatives in India, including re-verification of all driver partners with the police, additional background screening with First Advantage, and the establishment of a dedicated local Incident Response Team to handle critical situations.Today, we’re augmenting these improved processes with upgraded technology for Uber in India.


We’ve added a new feature, Send Status, that builds on and replaces Share my ETA. Send Status enables riders to share details about their driver and vehicle – including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license number – with family and friends.

With this new feature, riders can also send trip details to up to five pre-selected contacts with just two taps of a button. Send Status makes it even easier for friends and family to pinpoint your exact location and track trip progress in real time — from start to finish.

Here’s how to quickly “Send Status” to a pre-selected group of your family and friends:

  1. Set up your list of contacts
    In the Uber app settings, you can select up to 5 of your preferred contacts
  2. Request a ride as usual
  3. Before your driver arrives or at any point during your journey, tap ‘Send Status’
    Your pre-selected list of contacts will receive a link to view your trip status live as soon as you hit send (no SMS fees charged). You can also add additional contacts to share your trip details with at this point.



We have also added an SOS button directly in-app so riders can immediately contact local authorities in the rare event of an emergency.

How it works:

  1. In case of an emergency, tap SOS in the top right of the screen
  2. Confirm the call to automatically dial local authorities (‘100’)

Trip-Accepted  SOS UI

What is the Uber *Golden* rule?

Please treat your driver (and their car) with care. It’s their office you’re sitting in, and let’s be honest: that greasy pizza can wait.


*Pro Tip: Even if you need to be at your location, like, pronto, please don’t encourage your driver to break traffic laws like illegal u-turns. They’re there for everyone’s safety.

As always, feel free to reach out via email (support@uber.com) or on Twitter (@Uber_Chennai) if you have any questions!


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