Looking Forward to Year Two

Thank you, Pune, for an amazing debut year in the Cultural capital of Maharashtra! With your help, it has been full of exciting milestones including new product launches, on-demand stunts, chances to give locally, and economic opportunities for driver partners. We launched Uber in Pune one year ago, with the vision of creating the convenient, reliable and safe transportation option that Pune deserves. 

The pace of adoption in our city has been remarkable. We couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s take a look back at past year!

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Today, we’re a growing team on a mission to empower millions in Pune with reliable, convenient and affordable transportation, that’s for everyone. And this mission is soon becoming a reality. It is now more affordable to ride with Uber than to own a car.


Over the years, citizens of Pune have had an increasingly difficult task of timing themselves¹. Congestion posed and continues to be a challenge in achieving low ETAs in Pune.

Through data analytics, we zeroed in on action points. The team hustled to splice data, map demand, grow supply, train partners and deploy technology solutions to enable a reliable ride, minutes away.

Our average ETAs across Pune were down
to 8 minutes for uberGO by May 2015

               UberBLACK average ETA              uberGO average ETA                    uberX average ETA
                      (Double Click on the image to view better)

In addition to getting you a reliable ride within minutes,
we’re also focussing on improving the quality of your ride


It’s important to share the magnitude of our partner-driver’s commitment and ambition. Last May, some had never operated a smartphone. Twelve months in, many thousands of partner-drivers on the platform are beginning to carve out better, more secure futures for their families, to make the pivotal switch from a salaried driver to a financially independent entrepreneur. Our UberX driver-partner Jyoti explains, in this video:

Uber Pune connects local entrepreneurs with global travellers to create world-class convenience and local economic opportunities.


The Uber platform in Pune has bridged two sections of society at opposite ends of the spectrum. Through future-class technology, to create amazing experiences every single day. The team works tirelessly to train and empower a community of driver entrepreneurs to help people get around the city seamlessly.

Over 90% of rides were rated upwards of a 4 star experience in April 2015

A SMOOTHER RIDE IN 2015 As Uber expands its footprint, we remain committed to driving safety and convenience for riders, as well as economic opportunity and development for potential driver-partners in the city.

PAYMENT OPTIONS To drive this commitment forward, in a global first for Uber, we re-engineered our technology and business model in August ‘14 to include new payment choices, built for India. While the switch allowed millions access to Uber quality convenience, there’s vast headroom for improvement. The team here is working with our Global Engineering Ops (a.k.a the brains that created this) to improve the quality of your ride in Pune. Which brings us to our single largest effort, in 2015.

SAFETY As brothers, husbands, sisters and sons who’ve booked rides for those who matter most in our lives and as citizens of Pune in a position to help create a safer travel ecosystem in our city, we are extremely committed to Uber’s global vision on safety. We’ve rolled out two new in-app safety features  a world-class background check process and an innovative collaboration that, put together, go well beyond the prescribed standards. The safety of our riders and drivers continues to be our highest priority, in Pune and worldwide.

SUPPORT We’ve just rolled out a comprehensive support platform to assist you with everything Uber. And as always, you know where to reach us.

Around the world, our technology facilitates over a million trips a day in over 303 cities across 57 countries. The bottom line is that every single one of us here knows in our bones that we have to continually raise the bar. We will continue to do our best to fulfil our mission. Thanks for being a part of this movement, and we are excited about the places our platform is going, and the potential 2015 holds for Uber Pune. Once again, thanks for the ride!

Uber On

Team Pune: Aadish, Ankit, Manveer, Tanpreet.

¹Concept Note for a Comprehensive Transport Policy for the Pune Metropolitan Region ordered by PMC (2006)

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