In the Driver’s Seat | Chennai

Our partners work tirelessly to get you where you need to be, seamlessly and reliably. At Uber, they are the pulse that fuels our dream to evolve the way the world moves.

They too have aspirations and dreams. You may have heard some of their stories while on a ride with them, and we’d like to share a few more untold ones here. Keep watching this space.



RAGHUPATHY: Raghupathy received a new lease on life when he joined Uber. Debt ridden, he was struggling to pay off his loans after his daughter’s wedding. After joining as a driver-partner with Uber, he settled all his liabilities and is currently debt-free! He went on to build his own house and has secured his future for himself and his family.

“Partnering with Uber has changed my life. It has empowered me to become the strong and financially independent person that I am today. My problems are a thing of the past and I am very hopeful about the future.”

Selvakumar AMT


SELVAKUMAR: One of our earliest partners, Selvakumar is known for his hardworking nature and his exceptional driving.

On partnering with Uber, he says “I have been a driver for 16 years but have never been this happy before. I am able to play a participative role in the upbringing of my 3 kids for the first time in my life. Harmony has returned to my family and the flexible work hours help me perform better, earn more and at the same time attain work life balance as well!



MURUGAN: A father of three bubbly girls, Murugan is one of the nicest partners in the Uber Chennai network. On rainy days, he offers his umbrella to customers and collects it the following day. He is also the winner of the Uber Cup in Chennai.

Uber changed my life for the better, both personally and professionally. I worked as an outstation driver for two decades and was away from home for months together. Today, my earnings cover the education of all three girls. They have big dreams and I hope to fulfill each one of them.

They all have come to find that effort is justly rewarded on Uber’s flexible platform, and we are proud to consider him a part of our family.
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