Improve your riders’ experience with spotify music


On the 13th December a new feature will launch that allows your riders to choose their own music from Spotify to play through your car’s speakers during their trip. You already provide incredible service – this is just one more opportunity to make your riders even happier.


  • This is optional. You can enable and disable music whenever you want
  • If you use the Uber Partner app on your own phone, the data use will go against your personal data plan. The app will use roughly 50MB per hour of streaming.
  • It is currently iPhone only
  • You will need an AUX cable. Drop in to the office during the open hours to collect one.

If you’re interested in getting started please see below for an instructional video, how to get set up and a comprehensive FAQ.



To provide music for riders, all you need is the following:

  • AUX port in your car
  • AUX cable (typically provided when you join Uber)
  • iPhone with your Uber Partner app installed


BEFORE GOING ONLINE, simply do the following four things:

    1. Tune your car stereo to AUX mode. Set your car stereo volume to a moderate level.
    2. Plug one end of the AUX cable into your car’s AUX port, and the other end into your driver iPhone headphone port.
    3. With the AUX cable now plugged in, turn the volume of your driver iPhone up all the way using the phone’s volume buttons.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.35.49 PM

    1. Open the Uber Partner app on the iPhone. If you are properly set up, music will be automatically set to “on” and you will hear a test beat play over your car’s speakers. If you hear the test beat, go online.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 4.43.36 PM
That’s it! You don’t need to do anything else. Once you begin the trip, any rider who has a music note next to their name can use their phone to control the music that plays through your car’s speakers.

To learn more, please watch the video below. If you are having trouble getting the music to work, please read the FAQ below.



What if I have an AUX port, but no AUX cable?
Drop into the office during open hours and we’ll provide you with one! These cables are inexpensive and can also be purchased online or at any local electronics store.

I didn’t hear the test beat, or music in general is not working. What do I do?
If music isn’t working or you didn’t hear the test beat, make sure that:

  • The AUX cable is securely plugged into your car’s AUX port and your iPhone’s headphone port
  • Your car stereo is set to AUX mode
  • Your car stereo is set to a normal level
  • With the AUX cable plugged in, your iPhone’s volume level is set all the way up.
  • The music setting in the Uber Partner app is enabled

If this all looks good, tap the music switch off and then back on again, and you should hear the test beat play over your car’s speakers. If so, go online and you should be all test.

Who controls the volume?
You do. We expect riders to be courteous with their music selections, but if a rider does request volume levels or plays music that make you uncomfortable, you can turn the volume down or off, so that you are not distracted while driving. You can always kindly ask riders to change their music as well.

How do I know if a rider wants to play music?
Once you accept the trip request, riders who have enabled this feature will have a musical note next to their name. If you did not enable music for this driving session, consider trying it out during your next session.

I use my own device to run the Uber Partner App. How much data will music use?
If you use the Uber Partner app on an Uber-provided phone, there will be no additional data cost.

If you use the Uber Partner app on your own phone, the data use will go against your personal data plan and therefore may be an additional cost. This integration, though, does stream music at a rate that uses the least amount of data (96 kbps). This is roughly 50MB per hour of streaming. We’re also working closely with wireless carriers to offer discounted (zero-rated) data plans that do not charge for music streaming. Again, enabling music for your riders is your choice.

How will this affect turn-by-turn navigation?
Voice navigation is not available when you have enabled music for a session.

What if I don’t have an AUX port in my car?
At this time, having an auxiliary port is the only way to connect music. We’re working to enable bluetooth and we’ll let you know when that becomes available. There are ways, though, to add AUX capabilities to your car.

How do I disable music?
Before going online, uncheck the slider in the Uber Partner app or unplug your AUX cable. If you’re already online, you’ll need to go offline to disable music.

Music still doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

  • Check to make sure the two ends of the AUX cable are securely inserted into both your car port and the phone headphone port.
  • Be sure that your stereo mode is set to AUX and that your stereo volume is turned up to a comfortable level.
  • Make sure that your driver phone volume is at a normal level.
  • Make sure you toggled “ Music” on before going on duty and heard the test best.

Is this available on the Android driver phones?
No, not today.